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Bulk Field Creator

Many at times we come across the scenarios that there’s a need to create multiple fields of different data types during the application development in Salesforce. It gets mind-numbing as it takes a lot of clicks and a lot of time. The same process is required to be repeated which is Boring and Time Taking. So, here we present you an app that would do it all in just a few seconds and a few clicks. This app is called “SF Bulk Field Creator”. This app is effectuated to create ‘bulk field’. It has a very simple and easy UI which helps the user to create up to 400 fields of 16 different field types in just a few minutes. There’s no configuration or login required. Only few clicks on this APP helps you to create multiple fields in one go. It will help the user in more Productivity and will reduce the manual efforts and time.

Different Columns in the App:

  • Action Column

    In this column,you get ‘Add a Field’ option and ‘Delete a Field’ option. ‘Add a Field’ option lets you create a new field and ‘Delete a Field’ option lets you delete the created field.

  • Label Column

    This column let you name/ label the field being created.

  • API Name Column

    This column is automatically populated with the respective field’s API name once the label is defined.

  • Data Type Column

    This column allows you to choose the data type from the 16 available data types.

  • Length Column

    This column is used to define the length of the chosen data type.

  • Edit Option

    This enables you to edit particulars about the chosen data type. This App is quite different from other apps available on the Internet, as it gives you everything in one package. This app is Lightening ready and is very simple to use.


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