Apttus CPQ has gained a lot of traction with businesses over the last decade and it is imperative to have the right consultant to help you with such an implementation. A comprehensive CPQ solution will align your products, pricing and subscription models leading to improved efficiencies, timely payments, better customer experience and error elimination.

Scope of CPQ:

    The complete Sales Automation means that the following are in place:

    • Product Configuration with Bundles Configurations
    • Price Book Configuration with Tiered Pricing, Discounts and Bundle pricings
    • Subscription billing configuration, Usage Based Pricing and other business rules configurations
    • Invoice automation
    • Subscription Billing
    • Payment Collection
    • Reports
    • Gain from our experience with CPQ and QTC Configurations
    • A proven CPQ and QTC configuration methodology that starts with end to end solution blue print highlighting the automation and standardization
    • Creative approaches for managing complex product, pricing and billing models
    • Complete Data migration of products and price books from existing systems
    • Creation and Configuration of the quote, invoices and other templates.
    • Digital Signature Integration with Docusign and other related apps
    • Suggesting & implementing Process improvement and automation, including workflow approvals
    • Integration with Accounting and other systems
    • Capabilities for custom development
    • Salesforce Systems Admin Training

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