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A robust and customizable platform is paramount in order to ensure the efficacious growth of a business. This App is an ad-on to the ‘Printable View’ action link in Salesforce.

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Besides being able to customize the ‘Print View’ layout, this App also provides a feature to change the logo of the record being created. This App is lightning enabled unlike the standard ‘Printable View’ action link in Salesforce. The customization ability of this App aggrandizes the Print View functionality in Salesforce. The major target audience of this App are Sales and Marketing teams of different organizations as these teams will now be able to deliver higher productivity numbers with better deal closure percentages. This app will leverage all the details (printable format) of any client that a Sales or Marketing rep may require during the Sales pitch just at the click of a button. In a nutshell, this app will be the bedrock for any Sales Rep during the life cycle of a deal.

Check Out: 360 PDF Print View

The special features of “360 PDF Print View” App are:

  • Lightning Enabled
  • Customizable Sections
  • Print Category Management
  • Robust
  • Logo Selection Option

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