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A-Z of Mobile Application Development

Every Business wants to have an app so that they can have their business go mobile. Not all businesses know how to develop an app and what checks to perform while developing it in-house. Many Businesses prefer to outsource their work to Freelancers & App Development Companies. How will you decide that the freelancer or the company you hired is fit enough to do the task that you are about to give them? Before you decide to work on this idea, make sure your idea is going to sell later, otherwise, you are going to waste a lot of money.

How to choose the best partner company to work with?

Follow the following steps and you will end up choosing the right partner:
Check their Website
The website will give you the first impression of their past of working with Mobile App Developments. But this is not 100% true for all businesses. Some businesses keep developing projects but don’t update it on their websites.
Get in Touch with Business Analyst of the Company
If the Business Analyst is able to clear all your questions specifically and is not wasting your time, then it might be possible, the company might be legit and may deliver your work.
You ask them: “Which server is best to host my data?” They reply, “Yes we will host it on the best server”. This is called wasting time.
If they reply, “We will host it on XYZ server, because XYZ is better at this that and those features & cost effective”. This is what they are supposed to reply.
Ask them their Development Process
This is where most companies will get filtered out. The process they should follow is:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Feature Listing
  • Wireframes
  • User Interface Designing & then UX
  • Define Milestones for Multiple Features
  • Actual Development Initiation
  • Milestone Based Payments and Not One Time Payment
  • Code Review
  • Version Control & Daily Code Backups on Github
  • Each Milestone will Deliver a Part of App
  • Final Milestone Completes the App
  • Ask who all will be assigned to each phase of the project? Testers, iOS, Android Developers, Project Manager etc..

For Europe, Make sure the App Development Company knows what GDPR is and how will they comply with it? You don’t want your government banning you. Do you?
Always get a second or third opinion from other companies to compare which company is offering what, this will help you finalize a company or freelancer.

What to do after a partner is finalized?

Finalized Someone? Well Done!!
Now make sure you sign an NDA with them. NDA is Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once signed, make sure you sign a contract with them and include in it what deliverables you would like to have later. Some of the important ones are:

  • PSD files for all Images made by the company for your app including the UI & your app logo.
  • PEM file for Hosting Server.
  • Entire Source Code of App saved on your Email Id, not theirs. As soon as you make the payment, ask for the updated source code.

Project Initiated?
Request for the direct email address of each individual involved in the project to check authenticity. And obviously, the domain of email should be the domain of the company.
Get a Milestone Plan with Real-Time Dates of Delivery of modules. Time is money. Remember?
App Delivered?
Start Testing it from first Milestone itself. Testing is the most crucial part. Something that runs on a highway doesn’t mean will run offroad too. Test the app in all conditions. Ask your friends to signup, initiate the Beta testing on App Stores. Get all kinds of Bugs removed. Some apps run smoothly on one device but won’t even open on another. Check your app on as many devices as possible for you which includes all iPhones, Android devices etc..
Congrats! Your app is ready to move to Real World and enter the 6 Billion Devices of Customers.
Still have questions? Well, you are in luck, you are already on my profile, Connect with me here and let’s discuss your idea. Thanks for reading, would love to read your comments on my first article.

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