APM Solutions and Services are one of the core businesses of Kloudrac. As part of our strategy, we assist our customers from different industry verticals in monitoring or managing the performance of their Applications, Infrastructure, Application Dependencies. Also, providing them end to end view of transactions with code diagnostics, and enhancing overall user experiences. Our optimal customer-facing strategy has helped us gain the customer's (s) belief by further helping their teams – Operations/QA/Development, with drill-down capabilities and visual representation of slowness issues and performance spikes.

These are some famous software and have different functionalities referred below:


Dynatrace offers software intelligence to accelerate digital transformation and improve enterprise cloud complexity.


The AppDynamics monitors the whole infrastructure stack, incorporates code-level diagnostics and enables IT to monitor clients crosswise over platforms.


MicroFocus is an agentless application monitoring software that gives hybrid and heterogeneous support, fast time to value, and ease of use, installation, and configuration.

eG Innovations

Get noteworthy solutions to performance problems, any place they begin, over your cloud, physical, virtual and hybrid infrastructure, improving the customer experience and significantly boosting IT proficiency. So, drive your App & Business Performance with #1 fastest growing Kloudrac’s APM Solutions.


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