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Accelerate your Sales with CPQ Software with Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, Innovative Sales leaders have rediscovered the selling experience by integrating artificial intelligence to sales processes. Implementation of CPQ has added improvements in new leads, up-sells/ cross-sells and Sales cycle. Some of the leading enterprises have streamlined the global organization’s practices, raised sales effectiveness, margins and revenues.

About Apttus-CPQ

CPQ or (Configure Price Quote) software that allows the sales team to construct and optimize offers. CPQ enables the users to select the best mix of products and services from a Universal catalog and then one can configure solutions, execute pricing models and generate the optimal quote to transact the business. This is a software that helps the organization to accurately define the price of goods by considering several other variables such as cost, market demand, competition and cost of production. This ensures enhancement in expediting front-office processes and improvement in customer experience.

Leverage the features of Guided Quote Creation, Quote Scoring, Change Price, Cross-Sell/Upsell Recommendations, Change price, Approval Workflow, Configure solutions, Commission Calculations, and Optimal Price/ Discount Recommendations with Apttus CPQ.

Maximize the potential of Intelligent CPQ

Quote Scoring

CPQ predicts the probability of winning the deal and also gives the Sales Reps recommendations to improve the quote in order to increase the winning probability.


CPQ offers cross-Sell and Upsell recommendations for a couple of products and services which are purchased on the basis of the analysis of past purchases or similar customers.

Pricing Intelligence

By considering the deal characteristics and Sales history, CPQ determines the optimal price and sales history

Kloudrac approach to Quote to Cash

At Kloudrac, we help the companies to engage with the customers by making use of technologies in order to maximize the company’s revenue from the very first customer interaction. “Quote-to-cash” which is now being recognized as one of the most business processes, determines the revenue and profitability of each and every deal. Paradoxically, it is typically un-automated and un-integrated; however, it enables the companies to maximize the revenue by transforming both the buyer and seller experience.

At Kloudrac, with all the stakeholders together we set up the product, pricing and governance rules. We create product configuration specifications that are well clear to the buyers and sellers. With our strategy, the sales team can become more productive that can deliver a better, and faster service than ever.

With CPQ, the sales teams are empowered to determine the price and quote of simple or complex products by bringing into use customer-friendly quote templates and automated approval workflows which enable efficient and precise customer service. It eliminates manual pricing, enforces pricing consistency responsible to create a more transparent buying path for the customers.

How Kloudrac is responsible for Customer Success?

Kloudrac is early pioneers in the cloud where we understand the nitty-gritty of customer behavior and churn on a subscription-driven business. By combining these insights gained over the years with the best of tools, we help our clients to:

  • Operationalize the customer life cycle
  • Gain deeper insights into customer behavior
  • Coordinate actions and results across the teams.
  • Build up subscription revenue from installed clients

Customer Lifecycle

At Kloudrac, we believe that customer success strategy does not one-size-fits-all. With stakeholders, we ensure to build a customer journey that works for all the customers as well as a business model.

Risk Management

We monitor customer health in terms of sales data, support tickets, usage logs and more. We identify the signs of customer-risk and collaborate cross-functionality in order to resolve the issues.

Value Demonstration

Kloudrac helps clients to capture and deliver the customer’s goals by providing the tools to communicate the value of the customer through one-on-one conversations, personalized and automated emails.

Expansion and Advocacy

We help to identify accounts ripe for additional sales while making it easy to spot and act on opportunities for growth. Get the best candidates for customer advocacy.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

CPQ is responsible for a team and task improvement, streamline the business operations and track the business outcome. With Apttus CPQ, Deliver a unified and scalable experience to the customers by collaborating with Sales, Finance, Support and Product Teams.


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