Built on the world No. 1 CRM Salesforce. Big Books helps in building and maintaining trust and lasting relationships with the clients like school or dealer by delivering the experiences they need in changing times.

The power of the Big Books is to bring together all the capabilities and information on one trusted platform by automating all the actions which are done manually, to drive efficiency in organization. It helps to break down silos data of all teams on a single platform and also give a 360 degree view of the customer.


  • Reduced IT costs.
  • Moving to Big Books may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems.
  • Access to Automatic update.
  • Sales representatives can me more proactive and would be able to commit clients.
  • Business continuity
  • Flexible for work practice
  • Different teams can collaborate on a single platform.
  • Different teams can collaborate on a single platform.
  • Business will be more scalable.
  • On time inventory details while invoicing.
  • Customer delivery and services would be on time.
  • 360 Degree view of a single customer.

Assets for Publication Company:

Account Management

Account Onboarding Process

Required Document Upload in a single click

Account Onboarding checklist

Contact Management

Title and Series Management

Title Inventory and Tracking Management

Purchase Order Management with PFD

Sales order Management

Sales Return Management

Invoice Management with PDF

Sample Order Management

Sampling Process

Visit Management

Activity Management

Payment, Credit/Debit notes Management

Workshop Management with Sending emails and Attendees tracking


Use of accounts in Publication product, to store information about customers like distributors, dealers, school management individuals you do business with.


Contacts associated with a particular account with multiple contact person details and all the relatable information are mentioned in it .


Titles are nothing but the products of Publishing organisations which can be basically their printing books other products consist with Product code, product series and the descriptions associated with the unique number used for the inventory management. All the information related to the particular printable book’s stock can be captured in it.


Big Books facilitates you with by automating the TITLES for getting the exact information of the particular books.any products or their sample in the stock or not right from the initial delivering either the return creation or any damaged product evry products information is been automatically captured in our Publication inventory management cloud.


SALES ORDER is generated by Sales representative once they get the order from the client which contains all the relevant information like Title(book name), quantity, sample quantity, sales price, discounted price etc all the transactional information are their in it along with approval feature if required.


Operations team post SALES ORDER start creating dispatch order by adding the required specific product and allocating products based on the availability in stock.


Post sales, Our Publication Cloud can give you the features to raise return based on the specific reason and foremost the financial year written book to generate the credit note based on it and also with other fields.

Generate Credit Note (GRN):-

This is time where in the Publishing cloud, finance team role comes to play where on the basis of Sales return case the Finance team generate the credit note on it and give back to their customer.


In Big Books Dashboard & Reports tends to focus at key performance of all employees of publishing organisations like sales Representatives,or others or the indicators like dispatch order or their status, school management and their no. of orders, per month sales order or many more.

**NOTE:- these all are the functionality and PERSONA of the customer journey in our ready made product BIG BOOKS right from the Sales,operations to finance team all on the same platform rest other features we can customize as per the business process.

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