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10 Interesting Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

The Mobile App network is developing at a fast pace. The number of Apps on Google Play Store exceeded 1 Million in 2013, and by July 2019 it was estimated that there are more than 2.7 Million Applications on Google Play Store. Correspondingly, Apple’s Application Store has more than 1.9 Million Applications.

Have you ever thought about what are the things utilized in developing all such Mobile Applications that make your life a lot simpler? From getting up in the morning till arriving at the office on time, everything occurs over some finger taps on some lovely Mobile Apps.

Behind the scene of such interesting apps, there are a large number of Mobile Application Development Frameworks, that are endeavoring to give you the best customer experience with your fingertips.

Although, lots and lots of organizations are changing their formative procedures by changing to the latest Application Development Frameworks. All of them need to reach their targeted audience fast with the assistance of the most updated technology.

Mobile App Development Frameworks

Technology is repeatedly unpredictable, and adhering to old conventional strategies may cause you to lose business openings. It is agreeable that the competition in the Mobile App industry has expanded.

So, in order to make your Mobile Application a real achievement, it is fundamental to make the correct choice of Technologies, Mobile Frameworks, Databases, and Platforms.

What is a Mobile Application Framework?

What is a Mobile Application Framework

Mobile Application Frameworks are a software library that gives a fundamental structure to help the development of applications for a particular domain. The Mobile Application Frameworks act as skeletal help to develop an application. The frameworks reduce the efforts that the Mobile Application Developer places in by offering Technology Solutions, Inbuilt Tools, and Escalating Productivity to work on the coding part.

The Mobile Application Frameworks can be of three unique classes, for example, Mobile Web App Frameworks, Platform-Specific Development, and Hybrid Applications which contain combined features of both Mobile Web App and Native App Frameworks.

Moreover, to help you to pick the right Mobile App Framework for your upcoming Application Development projects we have shortlisted some top 10 popular ones

Here is a list of Top 10 Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019:

Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019



It’s a cloud-based Mobile Analytics and Security product. AppWatch offers security to Mobile Applications users against hackers. Like React Native App Development, this framework earns the trust of its customers and ensures that the application stays profoundly secure. It accompanies Third-Party Library Features and SDK Scanning. Customers can conduct a full Scan of their Mobile App using AppWatch.

The framework additionally helps in creating reports with Descriptions, Comments, and Customized Logos. It utilizes interesting methods to distinguish the security issues of the application and check them later. AppWatch is a perfect tool for finding a wide range of security vulnerabilities tied to the application.


ionic logo

Ionic is a Mobile App Development Framework that is gaining popularity due to its Twitter-like bootstrap.

It’s a Front-End Framework that gives you a chance to develop Mobile Applications using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 with a keen focus on UI communications.

It accompanies the choice of utilizing SASS and AngularJS for Scripting Applications as well as numerous UI elements such as Buttons, Tab Bar, Toggle, Header/Footer and so on. It presently supports Android and iOS Applications.


Flutter logo

Initially released in 2017, The Google Own Mobile Development Framework “Flutter” has been growing in popularity in the past few years. Utilizing Dark Programming Language, Flutter is a Cross-Mobile Framework with wonderful features, for example, Flexible UI, Material Design, Out of the box SDKs and Seamless Animations. Being a Google-made product, it has huge customer support so you can easily handle all of those difficult to understand the idea with simply search down from the web.

React Native

React Native

Facebook has thought of React Native, which is one of the most popular Cross-Platform Frameworks for developers. A vast majority of Mobile Application developers have gone for it ever since its commencement in 2013. Numerous Mobile App Development Framework like that of the IDEs are earning a lot of support from an Open-Source Framework like React Native. When it comes to the making of Native Apps for platforms like Android and iOS, the React Native proves to be an ideal JavaScript system.


Xamarin logo

Established by Microsoft in 2011, Xamarin is the most sizzling framework which is utilized to develop Hybrid Platform Applications. Developers can use a similar code for including distinctive operating systems such as — iOS, Android, macOS, etc. Having an extraordinary UI, it not only helps developers to develop Native Applications as well as controls the application to give inevitable customer experience. So, the Xamarin Mobile App Development Framework creates a profitable and high-performing code that can access every Native API. Thus, we can say that Xamarin Mobile Framework will have a brilliant future as the manner in which they are decreasing the gap between various platforms also especially after Microsoft purchased it and now has been free.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap logo

The PhoneGap Framework inspires people to see changes in a brief moment. It is a Cross-Platform Development Framework that allows application specialists to make Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.

The Applications by Adobe PhoneGap ensures high-quality execution as well as allows Mobile App Developers to build applications with no equipment restraints. PhoneGap can make applications for Firefox OS, Blackberry, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. The specialists can also extend the effectiveness of this structure by incorporating modules that are linked to it. With PhoneGap, the creators need to move the codes, and the instrument normally arranges the code for them.

The applications made by using PhoneGap are The DHS Program, Wikipedia, Paylution, TripCase and HealthTap.


Swiftic logo

Swiftic is perhaps the best framework for Mobile Application Development in the iOS stage. It is included with an effectively safe interface. Utilizing Swiftic is a helpful choice as you get 30 days money-back guarantee option for every one of its arrangements. Plus, it has an additional 6-months of success assurance scheme. If you don’t get any outcome from it, a 6-month service is free.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK logo

Corona SDK is the best open-source framework that permits engineers to build 10 times faster 2D Mobile Apps for Cross-Platform, for example, Kindle, iOS and Android. Lua is considered as a light-weight programming language, and it is coordinated into Corona SDK. That results in giving adaptability to developers to build quick performing applications. Mostly utilized for creating Gaming Applications, Corona SDK is likewise utilized for creating all-inclusive applications that require balanced usability and speed.

To me, developers incline toward this framework to create 2D games because of its quicker procedure. But it tends to be utilized for general application purposes also. Interestingly, you get a lot of quick performing applications, however, to make the fully adaptable you have to take the help of other frameworks as well.

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere

This Mobile App Development Framework is giving extreme challenges to React Native. Alpha Anywhere has turned out to be one of the most favored choices for making Cross-Platform Web and Mobile Bussiness Applications. Besides, it’s exceptionally successful in settling Offline Sync Challenge.

The top-notch Mobile Data Security feature of this framework improves its general worth for the developers. Alpha Anywhere possibly delegates fine-grained resource management. Customers can directly publish content utilizing the Alpha Anywhere developed application. The tool’s pre-built applications permit developers to edit their Mobile Applications anytime.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK

Intel XDX is a Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Frameworks that is known for developing purposeful applications by utilizing modules. It’s a notable framework for creating intuitive and responsive applications. This framework supports forefront innovations, for example, IoT and another notable framework like Node.js. Besides, it likewise creates tasks like testing, emulation, debugging easier.

Another benefit of this system is that it permits you to review your project live while making changes in it.

The Bottom Line

There are more Mobile App Development Frameworks out today than you can even count. They vary in usability, price, complexity, and a million different ways.

Without a doubt, the frameworks are vital driving tools for creating world-class Web and Mobile Applications. It’s imperative to take note that each application has a different requirement and therefore, the decision of the framework should be done cautiously.

Before picking any of the frameworks, you need to initially consider your objectives and after that your project resemblance to it. Accordingly, decide first, whether to go with a Cross-Platform Framework or Hybrid Application Framework. Understanding the right framework to pick relies upon various things. If you expect to build up a game or an application requiring a lot of device-specific functions, going Native is presumably the best for you. But, if your Mobile Application will be a generally simple one, going Cross-Platform is the better alternative as it saves you money and time. Although, the year 2019 saw the rise of numerous popular Mobile App Development Frameworks but the above-mentioned frameworks top the priority list of the developers.

If you wish to find out about Mobile App Development Frameworks and which system is best for your Application Development project then connect with Kloudrac. Our proficient team will guide you with a suitable framework for your business.

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