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Connectivity is the key in the modern world. Everyone is looking at 24*7 connectivity to achieve the highest levels in sales, marketing and services. The Salesforce1 Customer Platform has a bouquet of new APIs, mobile tools and more to enable you to connect to all your devices and to all your customer data. It empowers and prepares you for this new word where hyper-connectivity is setting new standards of expectations among customers. The platform readies you for very personalized customer...

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Hi Folks, I am going to explain here step by step how can you show billing address of the account in Google Map on account detail page in Salesforce. Sounds difficult but It is quite easy. An easy way to do this by creating a visual force page which pulls the billing address from the account and displays this address on Google Map. Features: It shows the billing address of account on Google Map. However, you can show address related...

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Single Sign On (SSO) is a facility for all users by which they can manage their all accounts using one login they no need to do manage more accounts (User Id and Passwords). In SSO user gain access in multiple sites using just single log in. Single Sign On (SSO) is independent software system. There are two way to enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your system By cookies By LDAP(Light Weight Directory Access Protocol)   SSO is a concept of federated...

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There’s an excitement every year of the newness that dreamforce brings. So this year it began with newly-revamped AppExchange and Trailhead. With the beginning of Dreamforce, Salesforce Introduced myTrailhead which will help Reinventing Learning For Every Trailblazer With myTrailhead, Salesforce is extending the Trailhead platform to enable companies to customize the learning environment with their own content and branding, from custom onboarding trails to company-specific enablement skills. myTrailhead reinvents corporate learning and enablement at every step of an employee’s career...

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