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Every Business wants to have an app so that they can have their business go mobile. Not all businesses know how to develop an app and what checks to perform while developing it in-house. Many Businesses prefer to outsource their work to Freelancers & App Development Companies. How will you decide that the freelancer or the company you hired is fit enough to do the task that you are about to give them? Before you decide to work on this...

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  In Salesforce, both developer and administrator create Custom Apps. However, developers have created the apps to upload packages on AppExchange. Custom Apps use custom setting for that object, variables which will be used. We can store them by creating any other object and can use it to store those settings as like records. But the main problem you face here is accessibility. Many users don’t have proper access to those objects so the app will not work as expected. So Salesforce...

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Hi Friends, Here, I am showing you how to send a dynamic Email template through Apex Class or trigger from custom object step by step. There are so many difficulties comes, When will send template through Apex class in Salesforce. But this is very easy code, Please follow step by step process. So here I am using a custom object, one Standard object(Lead) , one Email Template, Trigger And Handler class. Step 1: Create a Custom object. Object Name –   ...

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