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With the Lightning Experience release, Salesforce has finally done away with the dated look its interface sported till recently. While this is not a compelling reason to make the switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, the company says that it helps a lot when companies deal with their individual Salesforce CRM deployment based on their precise sales needs. Also, the ability to fine tune the solution by adding, removing widgets, apps, tools, and layouts is seen as a prime reason...

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Hello friends, As you know already Salesforce is migrating classic to lightning environment. In Salesforce lightning we are working with components. And each component have own logic for working in Salesforce application. So, here I am going to explain, Lighting Component style to add styling in HTML tags? As we know already we can use Lighting Component CSS in three ways, So Here isn’t change any thing. But definition will be differenent in components. The three ways are : Use...

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Hi guys, I am going to explain how to start working in Salesforce lightning. Salesforce provide us two desktop user interface. Salesforce Classic Salesforce Lightning We are using Salesforce classic yet. Which is good environment but not more upgraded as comparison to Salesforce lightning. Salesforce lightning gives us more advance features and quick responsive as well as client side and server side also. So, it’s time to start lightning and learn new things for upgrade our business. I will cover...

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