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During Lead Conversion Mapping, we need to map different data type fields with the same data type fields. Using some apex code customization, we can achieve this easily. Here I am going to explain how we can dynamically populate fields of sObject can. syntax-                    SobjectVariable.put(fieldApi,value);                                       Account acnt = new Account();                                      acnt.put(‘Name’, New Account);...

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A wrapper class is a data structure which contains objects and collection of objects and its data member. Wrapper class has different type of data or property as per requirement. Important use case of wrapper class is to show table of data with checkbox and then process only the records that are selected. Examples: Wrapper class, controller and visual force page. Test class of Wrapper class. Select contacts from contacts list and then send mail to selected contacts emails. Figure-1...

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Hi All, Today we will discuss how to implement Voice Recognition on input text box. So I am writing this post to implement this feature on visualforce pages to get it better. So to understand this you need to have a knowledge on Javascript and Apex VF pages. Below is the code to implement this feature on VF page . Click inside box to speak… (function() { 'use strict'; if (! ('webkitSpeechRecognition' in window) ) return; var talkMsg = 'Speak...

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