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Apttus CPQ Product and Pricing Set up

Apttus CPQ software is a multi channel sales tool designed to help companies configure, price and quote deals accurately, quickly, and easily. For most complex products, pricing or channels, CPQ boosts sales effectiveness by giving you the power to create the best quotes possible. The first thing required to start with Apttus CPQ is to set up the Products and Pricing and then to make those Products available in the catalog. So, here we will discuss the same and will show you a step by step process:
  1. Select Object ‘Product’ from the tab in your Salesforce org:
  1. Click on New:
  1. Add Product Name, Code of Product, Description and can also add Product Family. Activate the Product as well on the same screen.
  2. Next step is to Save the Product information entered.
  1. Next, you need to attach the Pricelist, else the product will not show up in a catalog. Please select Pricelist from the Related list:
  2. Select the desired Pricelist using Price List Lookup, Add List Price of the product.
While setting up the Pricing, you can also add Charge Type, Price Type, and Frequency Price method as per the business.    
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