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Artificial Intelligence

AI is the first deep learning-based developer tools which allows you to just play with the drag and drop functionality inside an interface in Salesforce to make smart automated decision-making.

As we live in a connected world, so for making any digital process from Phone to purchasing something is a never ending process. So, in that case Artificial Intelligence is the tool which everyone needs to make the life easier. With AI the system of records & engagement is moving to system of intelligence so that we can provide best to our customers.

  • AI makes your daily experiences easy by embedding some intelligence into the apps.
  • Like “Siri, for IPhone users which uses voice processing techniques. So, without unlocking your Phone you can easily search & call your Contacts easily. And can access many other activities.
  • Like “Facebook”, when you post any Photograph it by default show you the names to tags by recognizing the image.
  • Like “GPS” it automatically provides you the routes.
  • In Smart Phones say Android, IOS etc. whenever you search for any Contact by typing first 2 or 3 Keywords, it automatically displays the list of Contacts including those keywords.
  • And same in the case of Auto correct feature in your Smart Phones, whenever there is some grammatical or typo error this feature automatically correct it.
  • Similarly, for booking a cab whenever you book a cab say Uber or OLA using your Smart phone it automatically shows you up the nearest cab driver along with its complete information.
  1. Artificial Intelligence is basically Neuron Science.
  2. It is a system that thinks like humans. It can easily deal with large amount of data as the humans can deal with a large number of people.
  3. AI helps in enabling any company to deliver smarter, personalized and predictive customer experiences, proactively recommending the best actions & automating tasks.

Goals of AI:

  • To create the expert systems: The systems which can analyze, demonstrate and provide the easiest functionalities to their Users.
  • To put the Human intelligence in systems: To make the system efficient with the learning, thinking, reasoning & expertise functionalities. It is designed to help the customers for taking advantage of huge amount of data produced by making sense of it.


  • By this the Processing power has been increased to a much higher rate.
  • It has made the cost of processing the data affordable.
  • Quickly modifies the program & provide a solution to the request.
  • It always thinks with the User’s perspective.
  • It will help you to go through multiple images & also to classify them to use as a company logo or wherever the company name is mentioned.
  • It will help any kind of business to just click or code to build AI-powered apps that will tend to get better with every single interaction with client.
  • AI systems has also the ability to make predictions & recommendations on the tasks you are considering through learning the data you are entering for your customers & prospects.
  • Through this a user can create their custom apps by implementing the functionalities according to their needs.

How AI works with Salesforce

It helps Salesforce in 3 ways:

  1. Sales: It analyze the Email information and work on it of the response should be given to the customer/client in order to take the deal forward.
  2. Service: While logging a case it automatically redirects you to the correct route & show you the related topics.
  3. Marketing: It intelligently make the people to open the email, go to the newsletter & purchase something.

Salesforce IQ, DigitalGenius are the apps which can be used as the Artificial Intelligence with the CRM.

  1. Community Cloud: It will help in automatically discovering & serving the relevant insights & in predicting the correct answers to the questions/Cases.

Techniques of AI:

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Machine Learning

These techniques are used for recognizing the Pictures on Facebook & also on google from the Gallery or Gmail.

Platform for AI :

Salesforce Einstein : It will enhance the world’s best CRM.  Here it will give the ability to click & code to make the AI apps with every interaction and making every task easy as per the customer requirement.

Salesforce Einstein is coming across to analyze the big amount of Sales & business data like Facebook, Amazon. Then it runs the Machine Learning & Program analytics algorithms.

It is used to analyze the data & further understanding the situation & thus provides the potential to deal with the business Cases in a best suitable manner.

It has been designed so every time the customer doesn’t have to hire the data scientists for their product/services.

This platform enables developers at different skill levels to travel their customers with zero Deep learning.

Salesforce Products:

  1. Sales Cloud Einstein
  2. Service Cloud Einstein
  3. Marketing Cloud Einstein
  4. Analytics Cloud Einstein

The Best AI is when even User is not realizing while using it.

  • In Salesforce Sales Cloud, Einstein is playing a great role. A feature naming “Predictive Lead Scoring” where a machine learning model analyses the company’s data & thus used in helping Sales reps focus on the prioritize Lead.

It deals with the following things:

  1. Predictive Lead Scoring
  2. Opportunity Insights
  3. Automated Activity Capture
  • In Marketing Cloud, it is used to determine the estimate/amount of the prospective customer responding to an email campaign.

It deals with the following:

  1. Predictive Scoring
  2. Predictive Audiences
  3. Automated send time optimization
  • In Service Cloud Einstein, AI deals with the automated cases classification & generate responses accordingly.

It deals with the following:

  1. Recommended Case Classification
  2. Responses
  3. Predictive Close timer
  • In Analytics Cloud Einstein, the entire process is automated. As it is a machine learning process, the data analyses or the data is not shared with the customer.

In Salesforce community cloud, it provides computer vision analyses of images in social studio.

Salesforce Einstein will be available in the App Cloud & Lightning App Builder as a set of tools which will help developers in learning AI Apps by using Deep Learning tools.

It deals with the following:

  1. Predictive Wave Apps
  2. Smart Data Discovery
  3. Automated Analytics
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