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Best Practices to Build your Apps Using Salesforce AppExchange

Consistently we talk with our customers and potential users about SalesforceAppExchange, and what it takes to either improve a current application or launch a new one. And more often than not, we find that business leaders are uncertain of where to begin or are searching for guidance on launching their application effectively.

Also, to be reasonable, there is a lot to learn. Salesforce has its own language and process—and if, for settled SaaS organizations, the journey of getting on the AppExchange can still appear to be overpowering.

Started in 2005, Salesforce AppExchange is an online store of apps for third-party applications that work on the Force.com platform. There are three modes under which the applications are accessible: Free, monthly membership, and yearly membership. February 2015 saw AppExchange highlighting over 2.5k applications with more than 2 million installations.

For the individuals who expect to build up an application on the AppExchange, it is essential to remember that there are three types of applications.

Integration Type: Where there is syncing of information between frameworks. • Apps with AR Functionality: Where you can add features and functionalities to Salesforce. Applications that stay as platform solutions delivering independent business applications.

With Salesforce AppExchange, you can take your idea, transform it into an application, and discover clients simpler and quicker than at any other time.

Below are a few steps showing how you can take your idea and transform it into an App on AppExchange:

1st Step: Join the Salesforce Partner Community

The Salesforce Partner Community associates your business with Salesforce Consultants and Partners. It gives an opportunity to take part in Webinars, Discussions, enjoys the advantages of a wide assortment of tools and assets, learns the prescribed procedures and much more.

2nd Step: Strategize your AppExchange App

Plan how you need to build up your application. Pick an application type, the Salesforce release for your application and shortlist the tools required for application development.

3rd Step: Develop, bundle and test your AppExchange App

For application development, there are distinctive Orgs utilized in AppExchange. The Environment Hub application is utilized to make and manage organizations for development. Before beginning with your application development, find out about the security rules and ensure your application tails it.

4th Step: Prepare your App for AppExchange Security Review

The digital world is inclined to assault. The AppExchange Security Review is expected to ensure that your application meets the accepted procedures to battle these cyber assaults. As you begin with your application development, devise a security system and submit it for audit upon finishing. Once your application meets the rules, it will be recorded in the App store.

5th Step: Offer Free App Trials to your Prospects

Your prospects wouldn’t utilize your applications except if they feel it worth the cash they are spending on. Figure out how to offer free application trials and attract more clients to utilize your application. It can likewise work as an essential review technique to mention to you what’s working and so forth.

6th Step: Upgrade and Distribute your App

Transform this customer understanding into app upgrades and distribute them among your clients. Much of the time break down your application performance and figure out how you can improve it further.

7th Step: Manage App Licenses and Customer Support

Recognize yourself with the diverse licensing choices. Oversee how you sell your application and offer extraordinary help to your clients to hold them.

The AppExchange Has More Than Just Apps

Appexchange has more than just Apps -kloudrac

In spite of its name, the AppExchange contains numerous segments or assets that go beyond applications, such as Consulting Services. You can explore an assortment of sources who can assist you with utilizing your Salesforce through customizations or business ability. You can filter the experts by top partners, region, the highest rating, language and much more. You can likewise utilize the AppExchange to discover approaches to stay updated on new, profoundly appraised applications and application-related events that might be happening close to you.

The AppExchange is both an incredible spot to discover Salesforce upgrading applications yet in addition different assets also. We trust this blog helped you see the absolute most ideal methods for how to use the AppExchange and to make Salesforce work far and away superior for your association.

Nowadays enterprises prefer applications that make things simple for them. Various associations have a few necessities and they generally need customized applications that can address their particular business needs. Salesforce has been offering first-rate cloud arrangements and AppExchange has made it significantly progressively robust and customized. Dynamic organizations are searching for AppExchange applications, as opposed to contributing time, assets, and cash on building their own.

Here are a few reasons, why you should adopt AppExchange applications as opposed to building up yourown: Top Reasons to Opt Salesforce Appexchange Kloudrac

Quicker Installation

AppExchange applications set aside less effort to install. A client needs to press the “Get it currently” fasten and follow the wizard. For a bug-free installation, you have to experience the post-install guidelines and notes cautiously.


AppExchange applications, especially the paid ones are persistently being improved and redesigned by the merchant. If you build your own application, at that point it will require some investment to launch the upgraded form. Wherein AppExchange, while the vender would do the development without charging anything from its clients, your business can undoubtedly exploit thisapproved by Salesforce.com security specialists.


AppExchange applications are exceptionally adaptable and it will mix into your future business utilization.


In case of AppExchange applications, you will get help from the AppExchange seller. Perhaps the greatest benefits of AppExchange applications are, these are appropriately reported and you can follow the application documents if there is any occurrence of an issue.


AppExchange applications are completely tested before discharge as they are being shown to a great many Salesforce clients. Vendors understand the business models and they perform thorough testing to dispense with bugs and glitches before making the final launch on the AppExchange.


AppExchange applications are profoundly secure as each application on the AppExchange needs to go through security examination and has its code hand

Incorporates Best Practices

AppExchange applications follow the best development practices. The sellers ensure their applications work with the best expectations inside their objective market. As a rule, merchants incorporate work processes and pre-manufactured reports and dashboards to encourage the utilization of these prescribed procedures. As a client, you can depend on these applications and can deal with your business easily.

The End

Kloudrac has been one of the most favored AppExchange sellers with regards to offering enterprise applications. Our Applications are unique and address explicit business challenges. We have at present five applications such as Custom Setup Audit Trail, Bulk Field Creator, 360 PDF Print View, Record Ownership Transfer, and Org Health App recorded on AppExchange. Each one of these applications are exceptionally versatile, secure and dependable. While these applications can be modified according to your requirements, incorporate with different applications and effectively produce reports and dashboards that give the measurements and arrangements that your business needs to flourish.

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