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Grant Login Access In Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience

If you need help resolving a problem, you can grant login access to your account to a Salesforce administrator or a support representative. It’s one of the important feature provided by Salesforce. Sometimes when you  have  issues with salesforce support or other service or applications you have installed in your salesforce org, in order to assist you with the issue, you can grant account login access to the salesforce.com support or other Provider support whose applications you have installed in your org for a definite time. Using this way support can login in to your org and can fix the issues you are facing. How To Grant Account Login Access In Salesforce Lightening: To Grant Account login access in salesforce you need to follow these simple steps : For Lightening: Step:1  Go to Settings Step 2: Under Settings, Go to My personal Information Step 3: Go to  –->Grant Account login access. For Classic: Step 1: In Classic Experience, it is under your name Go to –> My Settings Step 2: Go to- ->  Personal Step 3:  Go to – -> Grant Account Login Access Important Points
  • For security reasons, the maximum period for granting access is 1 year. Once you have granted access, administrators or support representatives can use your login and access your data to help you resolve problems.
  • If an administrator, support representative, or publisher makes setup changes using your login, the setup audit trail lists the changes and the username. In some organizations, records of clicks made by an administrator logged in as you are also kept for auditing purposes.
  • You have the option to either going back multiple times and grant login access or you can grant a month as an option. It is whatever you are most comfortable with providing. Also once your case has been closed you are encouraged to go back in and set the access back to “No Access”.
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