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Lead Conversion in Salesforce

  Once the Lead Qualifies, converting it into Account, Contact and Opportunity is one of the Important task, as we then work on that Opportunity till the Deal is Closed by Cancelling or Completing it. Here we will discuss that what all happens, when Lead is Converted to Account, Contact and Opportunity:
  1. Once a lead is converted, lead detail is no longer visible from Lead page Layout. If you note the Lead Id before conversion, paste the Lead Id into URL, it will show information of:
  • When the lead is converted
  • Account and Contact created or existing Account and Contact attached
  • Opportunity created
  1. User still can access lead detail from report using report type Leads with converted lead information.
  1. Lead is frozen, you even cannot update the lead record, even using API.
  1. Convertedfield is ticked and Converted Date field will be populated on the date of conversion happened.
  1. Chatter feed posts associated with the lead are not migratedanywhere and the lead posts are no longer available in the Chatter feed, unless access from API.
  1. When you convert a lead into an existing account, you not automatically follow that account. However, when you convert the lead into a new account, you automatically follow the new account, unless you disabled Automatically follow records that is create in your Chatter settings.
  1. If the Lead associated with campaigns, all Campaign Historycopy into Contact created. For opportunity, it will create Campaign Influence if fit into criteria and one will be selected as Primary Campaign Source based on latest campaign attached to the Lead.
  1. All Notesand Attachments from the lead are converted and attached to the new account and contact (not to opportunity).
  1. All Open Activities and Activities Historyfrom the lead are converted and attached to the new account, contact, and opportunity.
  1. If an existing Account have the same Company name as those specified on the lead, you can choose to attach to existing Account, so this will not create new Account.
  1. Lead with same First and Last Name, but different Company with existing Account will always be created as new Contact.
  1. When you select to attach to an existing Account, you need to give option to attach to existing Contact for the same Accountonly if First or Last Name is similar.
  1. When you attach to existing Account and Contact, information from the lead is inserted only into Blank Fields. Salesforce does not overwrite existing account and contact data. A checkbox has 2 possible values: 0 or 1, so it will never be considered as blank field, so checkbox won’t be overwritten.
  1. Update Last Modified Dateand Last Modified Byfields on converted leads when picklist values included on converted leads are changed.
  1. You can’t convert a lead that’s associated with an Active Approval processor has Pending Workflow actions.16. By default, Lead owner will be record owner of the created Account, Contact and Opportunity.17. If you have Record Type in Account, Contact or Opportunity, created record will follow Default Record Type of the record owner as in the Profile.18. Contact will be added in Opportunity Contact Role as Primary
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