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Microservice functions enhances business motives with cloud consulting

Microservice functions enhances business motives with cloud consulting

Accelerate app development

Micro services are altering the very architecture of app development for business. If your company is not adopting current trending technologies for accelerating app development through cloud, then the future is dark. This approach is clearly beyond being ‘mobile-first’ as migrating to an agile cloud model is inevitable.

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Key takeaways from this informative post

The complexities for software applications has resulted in the advent of microservices. Each component is focused on a solitary business operation without disturbing rest of the OS. It can be transformed in silo or tweaked for upgrading a function. Current technologies utilize cloud computing hence it is way above traditional app development methodology. A company derives benefits after microservices experts understand its architecture, migration to cloud with a specific technology.

Kloudrac brings a fresh approach with their expertise and professional team to help enterprises adapt to this change. 

The microservice architecture advantage
A basic app development model uses separate coding for all components to remain interconnected according to the desired design principle. The entire stack is reshuffled if changes are implemented. The coding also undergoes a change, and such a prototype is prone to continuous errors. In some cases, the unified framework is renewed and takes up time. With adoption of microservices architecture, each component works independently without affecting functioning of the entire app. APIs make way for smooth communications.

Additional benefits
  • Services and functions are more agile.
  • Productivity is unhampered after changes.
  • Scalability (on-demand) is accelerated depending on the task performance.
  • Improve cross-function of different teams.
  • Delivery model undergoes simultaneous testing for debugging, iterations and deployment.

Microservice in cloud
Any professional app development should boost of a smooth UI/UX. Now cloud offers perfect coordination, control of stacks and teams. There are several examples of innovative interface with microservices. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, PayPal and Uber are using them successfully. Each company employs a service oriented architecture – a model that performs globally. Scalability is the primary benefit of microservice in cloud. It reduces operational costs and each team works independently. The pay-per-use structure is convenient to use specific stacks. It supports clients to optimize their functions and monitor growth patterns. There are no app complications due to independence of usage with the cloud services model.

Trending technologies for app development with MS
As consumer habits change, companies need to ramp up by adapting new technologies. The use of Kunernetes, Containers and Dockers for app development is triggering further migration to cloud and enhancing its capabilities. Operations via APIs allow clients to communicate with services directly. This is a huge shift from the web development model of the past. Experts create multiple APIs gateways for event streaming. Requests can come from multiple platforms and cloud offers security with valid authentication.
Addressing challenges for app design includes BFF patterns (backend-for-frontend). It is aimed for a better user experience with present resources. It could simply refer to the mobile device screen. This pattern ensures that a generic backend does not spoil the screen time or adversely impact the front end experience. For example, in an e-commerce website, a specific item is highlighted by its price, name and description. When a customer orders, he collects different products and this pattern is registered. It is a wonderful way for marketers to gather data.

Why should you be using MS in app development?
There is a 100% reliable functionality of the app when microservices are utilized. Today other scripts and software codes suit diverse purposes and business commitments. The choice of a programming language also supports a customized app creation. Experts work around stacks adding value to operations and business growth. The choice of technology or supporting scripted language have design values for:
  • Handling anomalies in silos
  • Code can be updated
  • A primary hub for monitoring all components
  • Customer-first approach as a priority
  • Independent function revolving around core business activity
  • Design, scalability and upgrades
  • Communication (through different languages) with REST APIs, message brokers or event streaming

Kloudrac approach with consultancy
Dealing with experts is the way to go for any company requiring to accelerate the app development for optimal usage. A prior consultancy ensures unique design and blue print creation. Challenges can always be overcome by collaborating with the right service provider. It will be worth the budget allocated for the upgrade or new migration.
Kloudrac consultancy expertise provides several opportunities for new and existing clients. We will explain you more benefits of the service oriented architecture and the monolith one. Let’s connect and discuss how we can offer microservices architecture for your organization.
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