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Overview of Winter’ 18 Release

So Salesforce Winter ‘18 release is packed house of awesomeness.There are some great Lightning Features that one would not want to miss out definitely. We are taking productivity to a whole new level with features like mass inline edits in List Views, Related List Quick Links, Dynamic Lightning Pages, and Calendar Sharing.

Features Your Users Will Love:

  • Lightning Experience gets a splash of color: Based on user experience and feedbacks Salesforce has improved information density, legibility, contrast, and added a splash of color. More Density and Less white spaces, and less scrolling. Salesforce has improved legibility to draw attention. Along with that, it has got cool footer.
  • Static resources: Lightning components and Visualforce pages that have been built with a static resource version of SLDS could potentially look out of place now, due to the fact that these static versions of SLDS will obviously not get the design updates to SLDS.  If at all possible, these components and pages should be updated to use the current version of SLDS instead of a static resource. Additionally, it is a best practice to ensure that all of your own custom CSS is scoped to avoid conflicts with SLDS styles and overrides.Finally, if you have been using SLDS in Visualforce via the <apex:slds /> tag, your Visualforce pages will also inherit the new styling in Winter ’18. However, you should still take a look to ensure that any custom styling does not conflict with these new changes.
  • Mass Inline Edits in List Views: Users can get more done with fewer clicks when working from list views. Your users can now update up to 200 records without leaving a list view. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.
  • List View Column Widths Dynamically Adjust: Columns in list views, search results, related lists, and elsewhere, such as the App Manager in Setup, are now sized based on the length of the data within them. When you resize your screen, the columns adjust accordingly. This feature is disabled when you set a fixed column width. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
  • Calendar Sharing: You can share your My Events calendar with your manager or other coworkers, but not with personal and public groups or roles. When you share your calendar, you can control whether coworkers see event details or add events, but you can’t give coworkers full access to edit your events. You can’t share calendars that you’ve created from Salesforce objects.
  • Emojis in Chatter: Engage your audience by adding zest to your feed. When you post, comment, and add details to your questions, or when you answer questions, the emoji icon appears in the Chatter publisher. Emojis are available in Lightning Experience and Lightning communities.
  • Chat with Customers in Lightning Experience: Salesforce has redesigned Live Agent and gave it a whole new look and feel in Lightning Experience. Agents get a larger chat window, so they have more room to use the chat features they know and love.
  • Clone Lightning Pages: Now with new Winter 18  release you can Save time and effort by cloning a Lightning page from either the Lightning page list view or from a Lightning page’s detail page. This is one feature that admins will much more happy about.
  • Lightning Console Apps: Now with New Release we are getting quick access to common productivity tools, like Notes and Recent Items. Utility bar appears as a fixed footer on the bottom of your screen that you can access to open utilities in docked panels.
  • Embed Flows in Lightning Community Pages: Now it is possible to add a Flow to Lightning component. Use the Flow component to embed active flows in your Lightning community.
  Important Dates for Winter Release     For More Information Please go Through the  Release Notes.
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