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Security Updates in Summer ’17 Release

As a Salesforce Admin, security is an essential part for any Organization. In fact, Security is number 1 priority in Salesforce. Transaction Security has a handy new Lightning Experience interface, formulas now work with encrypted fields, and you can connect your website to your backend CRM with Embedded Login.

Authentication and Identity

The Embedded Login feature extends Salesforce authentication to your websites—you can now require your customers to login to access your web pages. You need to identity verification for 2FA and email address changes. You can track blocked apps more easily when the API whitelisting feature is enabled. Users can also enable browser notifications to be forewarned when their Salesforce sessions are about to expire.

Updates to Security Health Check

Security Health Check custom baselines, which were beta in Spring ’17, are now released to all customers. You can customize the Health Check security baseline to compare your org’s security settings with your industry standards. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. The Health Check page now has four risk categories and new names for risk statuses, so it’s easier to use. Some security settings have been added, deleted, and changed as well. There are 3 ways Security Health Check makes you a Security Champion:
  1. You are the Security Expert
  2. Health Check helps you Change and Manage Security Settings as Business Needs Change.
  3. Admins can use Health Check to stay current with Security Features and Industry Recommendations.
Salesforce Shield Salesforce Shield now offers Lightning Experience event log data in Wave to visualize user adoption and performance. You can encrypt standard lead records, and your search index files can have their own separate encryption keys. You can bring your own encryption key to protect your search index, and take more detailed control of your HSM-protected certificates. Introducing Transaction Security Lightning Experience. It’s a new way to create policies against real-time events. The new user interface incorporates an easy to use setup wizard and a carousel with relevant information and statistics about your Salesforce org.  Salesforce Shield helps you to:
  • Monitor App and data use
  • Encrypt Sensitive Data
  • Automate Security Policies
  • Run Compliance Audits
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