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So Salesforce Winter ‘18 release is packed house of awesomeness.There are some great Lightning Features that one would not want to miss out definitely. We are taking productivity to a whole new level with features like mass inline edits in List Views, Related List Quick Links, Dynamic Lightning Pages, and Calendar Sharing. Features Your Users Will Love: Lightning Experience gets a splash of color: Based on user experience and feedbacks Salesforce has improved information density, legibility, contrast, and added a...

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To create/refresh a sandbox user should have “Modify all Permission”. Sandbox can only be created from Production. The Option is available under Data Management in Production. There is a limit of Sandbox creation, as per the Licenses available in the organization. There are 4 types of Sandboxes in Salesforce: Developer Sandbox Developer Pro Sandbox Full Copy Sandbox Partial Copy Sandbox   Developer Sandbox: It is a copy of Production but without data. It is used for developing code and testing....

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