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Salesforce certificates and key pairs are used for signatures that verify a request is coming from your organization. They are used for authenticated SSL communications with an external web site, or when using your organization as an Identity Provider. You only need to generate a Salesforce certificate and key pair if you’re working with an external website that wants verification that a request is coming from a Salesforce organization. You can export all your certificates and private keys into a...

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Connectivity is the key in the modern world. Everyone is looking at 24*7 connectivity to achieve the highest levels in sales, marketing and services. The Salesforce1 Customer Platform has a bouquet of new APIs, mobile tools and more to enable you to connect to all your devices and to all your customer data. It empowers and prepares you for this new word where hyper-connectivity is setting new standards of expectations among customers. The platform readies you for very personalized customer...

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