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Every day, Salesforce Admins are tasked with managing a multitude of projects. And when they’re not managing projects, they’re collaborating on them with other teams. Meet Quip: Salesforce’s Collaboration Platform. Quip is a tool that has documents, spreadsheets, tasks, and app integrations all in one place. Teams can create, discuss, and get better work done faster than ever before — from any device — because Quip combines work and communication in a new way.   Why (and how) to use...

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The absence of Version control system in Salesforce makes it possible to overwrite each other’s class in Salesforce org without any track and it becomes a problem as it’s impossible to recapture the overwritten classes. Version Control tracks any kind of changes in classes created by different developers and store it as a snapshot. GIT: -A software tool that controls the multiple versions of classes. -An application that keeps a record of all the changes made on a project over...

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