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Top 10 Features to Know About Android 10!

Google has released the most recent version of its mobile OS, Android 10, but what’s new? It is coming with it a lot of awesome changes and new features to how the mobile OS works. Google has fundamentally changed more about the Android experience — even modifying the name of this new OS. In spite of previously giving each Android release a dessert-themed name, this year for the first time in Android history, it doesn’t have a delicious dessert name to go with. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Android Q is officially called Android 10.

There are bunches of new features, from a system-wide dark mode to new gesture navigation methods. 

Here is the rundown of all top 10 features in Android 10.

Dark Mode

Android 10’s Dark Theme gives you a dark screen and modifies different colors in applications, either to developer-set Dark Theme or Android defaults if not. This not just makes it soothing on your eyes when the lights are low, it can also save your smartphone battery, as your mobile’s power isn’t working endlessly to keep the screen lit up. 

Location Controls 

Android 10 brings improved location controls enabling clients to control how applications access device location. It will offer more granular alternatives to browse – like grant access constantly, never, or only when the application is open. 

Gesture navigation mode options

It also brings new completely gestural navigation mode that removes the navigation bar area, with the aim of allowing “apps and games to utilize the full screen to convey their content.” Home, Back, and Recents can be accessed with edge swipes as opposed to visible buttons. 

Smart Reply

This feature other than suggesting replies for messages received in different applications additionally prescribes users’ actions dependent on the messages that they have received. So, when a friend sends a user a message with a location or a YouTube video, they can open and explore the navigate the same in Google Maps or open up the video on YouTube without copying the URL. 

Sound Amplifier 

This feature basically permits users to adjust sound settings of their mobile phones even in noisy environments. As per the Android site, users can boost sound, channel background noise and calibrate the sound of their smartphone to get the best listening experience. 

Family Link 

Family Link is presently a part of all the devices running Android 9 or 10. Guardians can utilize these tools to set day by day screen time limits, device sleep time, time limits on particular applications, and more for their children. They can also audit the applications children install on their devices and see their usage.

Security Updates 

Usually, it takes weeks if not months for device producers to roll out Android updates to mobiles. This occasionally leaves the cell phones vulnerable to critical defects. Google expects to fix that with Android 10. “With Google Play system updates, significant Security and Privacy fixes would now be able to be sent directly to your phone from Google Play, just the same way all your different applications update. In this way, you get these fixes as soon as they are accessible. 

Live Caption 

As an approach to make Android progressively open, Google built Live Caption. The feature will live-caption any video that is being played, without a data connection. To initiate Live Caption, play a video and after that press a volume button. The volume slider that shows up will have a caption button at the bottom — tap it. You would then be able to move around the caption by dragging it around the screen.

Security settings 

With Android 10, there’s presently a devoted Privacy section in the settings app. Opening it will uncover the different authorizations applications can request for things like location, calendar, contacts, camera, and microphone.

Focus mode

Focus mode is also one of the latest features that will be made accessible to Android 9.0 Pie users also, close by Android 10. It is a more nuanced DND mode.

Besides this, Android 10 features 65 new emoticons, including 56 gender-inclusive emoticons. It additionally accompanies support for audio streaming to hearing aid gadgets, which help application owners to attract more users. If your future application has all the Compatibility of Android Q Features, at that point it will be evident that you will acquire a lot as people prefer your application to be progressively secure and perfect with new OS version features.

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