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Top salesforce integrations in 2021

Top salesforce integrations in 2021
In today’s technology-driven world, many organizations depend on at least one mission-critical system.Many businesses depend on Salesforce CRMs, which hold important data about your prospects and customers.
Although Salesforce offers many tools and built-in integrations, organizations may rely on an app or system that isn’t native to Salesforce. Whatever that app may be, it’s possible to integrate it with Salesforce.
Integrating Salesforce with another system allows the organization to profit from AppExchange apps even when working from within the non-Salesforce system. Without integration, the non-Salesforce system can’t take advantage of the capabilities of an AppExchange app.
It offers all-in-one access to employees and increases productivity which often gets wasted while replicating data. It also provides seamless access to data from all the integrated systems.
Salesforce integration helps you leverage data across all the platforms, which makes it easier to automate the tasks and helps you provide more insightful reporting.
Check out these popular integrations in the Salesforce world:
Salesforce Integration with DocuSign
DocuSign for Salesforce helps us minimize employee time spent on handling documents, and removes costs of paper, ink, printing, faxing, and mail. It of course shortens sales cycles, increases close rates and allows us to rapidly pull data from Salesforce objects like Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc. After that, either sign documents online or send them out for signature directly from Salesforce. The signed documents are then returned to Salesforce and attached to the corresponding Salesforce records.
DocuSign helps us to make use of Salesforce (merge) fields, by simply dragging and dropping data fields into vital documents. This does not require any programming knowledge, which results in reduced operating costs.
PayPal Salesforce Integration
PayPal is one of the popular choices in the payment gateway arena and its robust integration with Salesforce makes it a preferred choice in the Salesforce world.
PayPal, one of the simplest ways of sending and receiving money anywhere. With the appropriate integration of PayPal and Salesforce, your data transactions get automatically saved to the Salesforce platform. The robust integrating services also enable you to search or build Salesforce contacts and also construct the afresh opportunities right from the PayPal sales. It also authorizes you for building on the new contacts into the Salesforce.
The PayPal integration CRM tool also empowers you for affixing fresh Salesforce contacts from PayPal sales and providing SMS notifications. You can also add various rows into the Google Sheets for updated PayPal sales.
Salesforce Integration with Netsuite
NetSuite is one of the most sought-after ERPs. Salesforce integration for improving your business processes and helping you manage your finances better. The integrated platform allows you to incorporate financial and accounting modules into your Salesforce database to obtain powerful results.
With Salesforce Integration with Netsuite, you can create quotes or sales orders in NetSuite in real-time, directly from Salesforce.com.
Netsuite integration is one of the function-rich automated cloud platforms that helps you in saving much of your time, money, and energy because the data of customers goes directly into the Salesforce Netsuite software platform. It offers varied solutions related to order management, shipping as well as financial management. The Netsuite, when integrated with the cloud, gives you a robust shopping cart.
These integrations eventually help you to enhance the pace of business-related works and thereby augment the revenues. The best part of integrating service is also the decrease in errors because it is fully automated.
Salesforce Integration with Magento
 An eCommerce platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform are two of the must-haves for serious eCommerce endeavors. However, in order for an organization to have a complete picture of its business, the customer information in each system needs to mirror the other.
Working in the two systems without an integration method calls for duplicated data entry and lends itself to wasted company time and a high probability for human error. Integration of these two platforms synchronizes your contacts and customers, Categories and products, order and credit notes as well as campaigns.
This integration process automatically creates a profile for first-time customers and enriches it with new details and purchases further on in Salesforce. A possibility to transfer a Magento product catalog into Price Books in Sales Cloud comes in handy for owners of Magento multi-stores when a sales or customer support team has to quickly navigate in products and prices of different stores
Salesforce with QuickBooks:
Salesforce to QuickBooks Integration provides easy synchronization of Accounts, Products, Opportunity Closed to Customer, Jobs, Products and Invoice, Estimate or Sales Order in QuickBooks.
Salesforce to QuickBooks Integration also provides an automated process of generating Invoices in QuickBooks from opportunities that are converted from Salesforce and also allowing Salesforce to access QuickBooks data
QuickBooks integration of various businesses is a suitable remote access option. It helps different small businesses to integrate different programs. They can export various types of data to their preferred tax preparation program and thereby make online banking, customer support quite easy. A robust CRM tool also has different features that make accounting simpler and precise. The best part of using QuickBooks is the automated backup service.
Integration of Salesforce and QuickBooks really helps you embellish your business rapidly. It also makes retrieving the data quite smoother and also makes your financial operations more incisive. The integration tools augment the proficiency of your business.
Every system has its strengths. You get the power of all when you unify systems to work as one. Done right, Salesforce integration saves time, increases productivity, and provides a lightning-quick ROI. Integrating Salesforce maximizes all of an organization’s systems and apps to get the best out of each one.
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