Transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning: Things you must know

Over the years, technological advancement has empowered consumers of purchasing products and services. Certainly, Companies have shifted their paradigm from mere products and services to the overall experience during the entire lifecycle. Sales Lightning which turns on Lightning Experience to boost productivity, and optimizes operations is the next Generation of Salesforce. It’s a quantum leap forward in the usability, functionality, and speed which streamlines processes for business users who typically do not have programming experience.

Salesforce Lightning is responsible for greater productivity, smoother operations, and enriched user experience. The implementation of Salesforce Lightning reduces the time period to app development. At Kloudrac, we take the initiative of migrating to Lightning Experience from Classic and in the least time. If you are planning Salesforce Implementation or are migrating from Classic to Lightning we will help you installing Lightning without disrupting the everyday business.

Migrating From Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience

The most important step is to identify the features of Salesforce Lightning that you actually want to leverage which paves the way of transition. Deciding whether to migrate and if so, whether it is as necessary for all users plays the pivotal role. Each user across different departments may have unique needs. Hence, Kloudrac takes the distinguished step by developing different personas and prioritize functionality for each.

Since the transition and rollout strategy for Lightning experience is uniquely tailored; Kloudrac creates primary and secondary user personas and stories to identify the best rollout strategy.

Below are two rollout strategies that we recommend to our clients:

Org-Based Rollout: This strategy does not rely on user personas. But it delivers a consistent user experience which comes with focused learning programs for all the end users.

Persona-Based Rollout: This Strategy is considered to be the fine-tuned rollout which relies on the user persona identified. This approach involves heavy customization which makes sure that each user sees the most relevant data.

Kloudrac’s quickest path to Painless Deployment

Kloudrac addresses all inclusive needs by using meticulously crafted rollout strategy.

Stage1: Gather and Analyze

The main objective of this stage is to visualize the transition to Lightning Experience. We explicitly perform portfolio analysis, followed by defining key success metrics and verify its feasibility comprehensively. On the basis of the analysis, we recommend either org-based rollout or a persona- based rollout by identifying which applications are more likely to benefit from the investment in migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience.

Stage 2: Plan and Understand

This stage is responsible to formulate an implementation strategy that encompasses resourcing, budgeting, change management, compliance, deployment, and Support. At this Stage, we implement execution Model, check for org cleanup and Optimisation, employ capacity and resourcing model, estimate budget, meticulously execute release and environment management, deploy Quality Assurance strategy and engage deployment Strategy.

Stage 3: Build and Deploy

This main purpose of this stage is to build and deploy Lightning Experience and its associated components. Kloudrac unlocks the potential of the clients’ business with its rich repository of prebuilt components and applications that are Lightning ready. These prebuilt components and applications can be deployed directly as per the needs and processes of the Organisation.

Stage 4: Adopt and Excel

This stage is responsible to oversee proper user adoption through two-way communication, training and ongoing post-deployment support. Kloudrac integrates Lightning Adopt Assist Tool which makes sure that our clients are comfortable with the changes that have been introduced as a part of Lightning Experience.

Why Kloudrac?

In recognition of Kloudrac’s industry knowledge, Salesforce Certifications, strong clientele, strong client satisfaction store, and extensive experience in applying Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform, Kloudrac is one of the leading IT Companies that offer the streamlined, fully customized Salesforce CRM with the right apps.

We believe Salesforce is not just for Sales, marketing and Service Automation but help building a deed-seeded reliance on a brand. So Spark more productivity and redefine innovation with Kloudrac.

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