Redefine the Concept of Customer Relationship Management with Salesforce

A brief on Salesforce

Began with the vision of reinventing the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce has successfully changed the way enterprise software is being delivered and used, which has eventually changed the industry forever. A boon for small businesses and large scale enterprises, Salesforce doesn’t end to extend CRM for Sales and Marketing. The platform enables any size of the enterprise to manage all the interactions with customers and prospects.

Kloudrac helps you to uncover the maximum potential of Salesforce that offers implementation, customization, Application Integration, Custom Application Development, and Support. Get the benefits of specific Salesforce expertise such as, Heroku, Zuora, Custom CPQ, Apptus CPQ Product Certification, Steelbrick, Lightning, Apex, Integrations, and Mobile applications.


Kloudrac – An innovative Salesforce Consulting Company

Gradually, the industry has moved from the traditional on-premises CRM to cloud-based CRM that has perfectly addressed scalability, change management and time to market needs of businesses where Salesforce has proved to be an undisrupted leader. Kloudrac is the leading Salesforce Development partners based out in Noida, UP, India. The company offers the end-to-end capability for complete CRM Consulting Services, Cloud Implementation, customization, user training, and maintenance.

Our solutions help you to connect your customers in a whole new way by building meaningful and lasting relationships. Our Full-cycle Salesforce Consulting Services strive to offer every step of the transformation in order to help companies to reach the business goals. Our certified Salesforce Consultants, developers, and architects have extensive knowledge to offer the best Salesforce solutions to meet specific needs and wants.

When you can Consult us


Case 1: Implementation of a New Salesforce Solution

Kloudrac offers the Best – Salesforce CRM consulting Services and brings the best solution if you are planning to get Sales, marketing or customer Services digitized with CRM. At Kloudrac, hire our Salesforce Developers where they analyze the customer’s requirements and business needs and offer the most innovative ways of addressing them to the fullest capacity of Salesforce.

Case 2: Enhancement of an existing solution for better addressing of the business objective:

Kloudrac is recognized to offer the most robust and comprehensive plan to improve the customer’s current Salesforce solution. Our Salesforce developers make sure to provide proper integrations and customizations adhering to the strategic package evaluation and roadmap with robust implementation, rollouts, production support, and best quality development.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting Company
Salesforce Consulting Services and Implementation

Kloudrac takes a holistic approach that provides uninterrupted quality support from the strategic roadmap and package evaluation to set-up, configure and customize. Our Company is fully equipped with certified and experienced resources to offer best-in-class Salesforce solutions. Our Salesforce implementation approach includes:

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Cloud Readiness assessment
  • Tool Evaluation i.e. on-premises Vs. On-Cloud
  • Proof of Concept (POC)

Salesforce Consulting Company App Development

Kloudrac delivers the extensive development experience in services inclusive of Force.Com development Services and Appexchange development. Being a leading Salesforce Development Company, Kloudrac offers leading Appexchange development Services that help the companies to venture Salesforce App Development Marketplace. Our developers are qualified and experienced enough to offer from the best CRM functionality to creating entirely innovative solutions. They are adept to develop and deploy any kind of application.

Salesforce Consulting Company
Salesforce Maintenance and Support

With the ultimate goal to control Salesforce operating cost, we bring the best Salesforce Maintenance and support services to strengthen Salesforce implementation. This includes the implemented systems of Salesforce Service Cloud, SalesCloud, Marketing Cloud, Force.Com applications and other related integrated.

What challenges do we solve

Inconsistent Sales Process

At Kloudrac, we help to streamline the sales processes with Sales Cloud. We suggest using Salesforce as a source of best practices for the processes design. Hence in order to ensure efficient process automation, our Salesforce developers apply code-based customizations. Eventually, it helps in creating a well-structured sales process that helps the sales reps to close deals seamlessly.

Poor Customer Service

By exercising custom case management functionality of salesforce Service Cloud, our developers can enhance the customer service quality. This mechanism of automated poor assignment, prioritization, and escalation enable reduction of case resolution time. Consequently, it supports the productivity of service agents.

Lack of marketing approach while chalking out marketing campaigns

With Marketing Cloud Functionality, we offer a unified marketing platform to know the customers, engage them and personalize their experience. By using data from every department to build smarter email, we help you to target your audience, build the best email and automate the messages to reach the ideal audience with the ideal content.

The communication gap between customer and partner

We make sure to use the best practices of Salesforce Community Cloud in order to improve communication with customers and partners. At Kloudrac, we acquire support from leadership, implement technology to support alignment and communication, align around the same metrics and share feedback. These steps altogether help to increase the bottom line to work smarter and more efficiently.

Unable to access

We can help you to hit the trail while staying fully connected with the Salesforce mobile app which would help to enhance the decision time while forecasting accuracy with Dashboards and Custom Reports. The apps are easily customizable where custom actions can be added that make sure to complete common tasks in a fraction of time.

A complete way to put your customers at the center of everything you do

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Create the most personalized Sales Journey for every customer while moving from close to cash quickly and accurately.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud

Get the best solution to your customer from out-of-the-box to fully customizable support with reliable case resolution, personalized support across digital channels, and enhancement in the first-visit resolution.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Leverage the unified marketing platform to know the customer, engage across the entire journey, manage B2C or B2B, personalize with intelligence and analyze the impact across every stage of a customer’s relationship with the brand.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud

Get the best tools that put you on the path to create communities while accelerating the sales channel, driving more employee productivity and connecting more with the customers.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform

Blaze new trails to success while customizing and extending CRM solution with myLightning, engaging employees with apps for everyone while creating the amazing customer experience.


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