Custom Setup Audit Trail

The "Custom Setup Audit Trail" app helps the user to filter the data in 7 ways and fetch it anytime as per his requirements. There is no time limitation, he can easily get the data older than 6 months just by specifying the dates in the application.

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Audit Trail in Salesforce:

Standard Salesforce Audit Trail helps to track the data about the recent changes that the Users have made in the Salesforce org. Audit Trail History shows the 20 most recent setup changes made in the Salesforce org. The list consists of Users (who has made the changes), his following Actions and date & time. It is crucial if someone in the organization has done some changes, like updation, deletion, amendment etc., the other administrator can easily recognize the intender as Audit Trail history contains the specific usernames too. One can fetch the last six months data from Audit Trail History. If one wants to get the data beyond 20 recent records, then the Salesforce org permits to go to the download link to download the entire 180 days data in .csv file.

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This app also gives the leverage to choose filters of the particular data user wants to fetch as needed.

There are two special features of “Custom Setup Audit Trail” App:

  • You can download a csv file of all the data by a single click on “Get All Data” for all the changes done in the org since beginning or as per the required filter. No 6 months time limit as in Standard Salesforce Audit Trail.
  • Another special feature of this app is that, it has 7 different filters. So you can search the records by using these filters as per your requirement:
    • Enter Email address
    • Enter Username
    • Enter Name of User
    • Select Profile
    • Select Action
    • From Date
    • To Date

By the use of these filters, it becomes extremely simple to find the specific data as required. In a case, if you want to fetch the list of records for a specific time interval, you can simply get it by entering the dates into “From Date” and “To Date”. The major advantage of this app is that one can fetch the information as old as 2-3 years anytime in the org unlike the original Salesforce org.

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