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What are Digital Signatures?

A mathematical technique is used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, are like electronic “fingerprints”. Digital Signature is equivalent to a Stamped seal or handwritten signature where the digital signature associates the signer securely with a document in a recorded transaction. To provide the highest level of security and Universal acceptance, Digital Signatures use the accepted format called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It is intended to eliminate the problem of tampering and impersonation of digital communications.


How does Digital Signature work?

Digital Signatures like Handwritten Signatures are unique as far as each signer is concerned. DocuSign is the Digital Signature solution provider that follows a specific protocol called PKI where the provider is required to use a mathematical algorithm in order to generate two long numbers. These numbers are called keys where one key is public and the other one is private.

As soon as a signer electronically signs a document, the signature is created by using the signer’s private key which is kept securely by the signer. The signature is also marked with the time and if the documents are changed after signing, the digital signature becomes void. PKI ensures that the keys are created, conducted and saved in a secure manner which necessitates the service of the reliable Certificate Authority (CA). DocuSign meets PKI requirements that ensure safe digital Signing.

This platform has become revolutionary in the domain of electronic signature in the business world which has sped up the workflow. With its fully secured digital signature technology which has led enjoying faster ROI by the businesses. Targets are being achieved faster and approvals of the workflow have accelerated without getting the security of data and regulatory compliance compromised.

DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign for Salesforce has been recognized by Forrester, Gartner, and Ombud as the most popular eSignature app on AppExchange.

Features Fit for Dynamic Workforce

  • Intelligent template recognition
  • Lightning Ready
  • Works across Sales Cloud Solutions such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce CPQ.
  • Build up subscription revenue from installed clients
  • Simplify routing with automated workflows.
  • Two-way data flow eliminates manual data entry.
  • Enhanced pipeline visibility with real-time updates
  • Lower Dropout rate associated with onboarding new clients.
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Improved User Experience

About Kloudrac

Kloudrac integrates DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities with its top-notch contract management as well as custom business process solutions. By partnering with Kloudrac, you’ll get access to the team of Salesforce that ensures a smooth integration of DocuSign. This ensures your team to hit the ground running with seamless integration of eSignature and transaction management capabilities. Our integrated DocuSign solutions enable our clients to utilize eSignature for Quotes. These quotes can be channelized to the designated contacts to make sure that the accurate records are being maintained.



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