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Force.Com is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product specifically designed to make the development and deployment of Cloud-based applications and websites effortless. The platform offers an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform that develops and deploys applications instantaneously without any infrastructure. The platform offers an integrated architecture that lets the developers concentrate on building solutions rather than on infrastructure. Being a robust and mature cloud computing platform, Force.Com enables developers to create apps and websites through the Cloud IDE and deploy them to’s multi-tenant servers.

Difference between and is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application based on Software as a Service (SaaS). On the other hand, is a platform that helps the developers or ISV’s and business users to build robust enterprise applications. Salesforce is a SaaS product which consists of Out of Box (OOB) functionalities which enable a CRM to automate the sales, marketing, and other services. Being Platform as a Service(PaaS) product, contains a platform to build applications and enables to customize the applications, user interface, and business logic.

Since the features of are available in, thus is built on the platform of accommodates security control and handles the applications, permits users to delete, edit, or view as the platform. The platform enables to develop and deliver customized applications within a short span of time. On the other hand, is fully mobilized and includes the customers’ details which enables the closing of deals easily. Force.Com is owned by Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor who recognizes the product as Social and mobile app development platform while is like another Cloud development platform which owns Heroku.

Get End-to-End Force.Com Development Services with Kloudrac

Kloudrac being the No. 1 in salesforce application development offers the best development Services that helps you to take advantage of the power of customer application built on It provides a customized version of to correspond to the best processes of various organizations. This platform which is best known for its versatility can enhance the cloud transition experience which ensures easy adaptability to match the dynamic needs of the business and customers.

We partner with you in order to carefully understand your business needs which eventually help us to land on the ideal solution that fits your needs. We house the most qualified and experienced developers that help in the development of scalable solutions. Hire our developers to streamline your business processes, functional needs and workflow to improve the user adoption.

Our App Development Services include allows developers to develop products up to five times faster with the lowest cost ever as compared to the traditional software platforms. At Kloudrac, we offer unparalleled development experience where we can help you out to expedite up product development on



Kloudrac will help you to identify if can actually help you to deal with your challenges. Our analysts and developers will work together to find detailed requirement analysis, gap analysis, feasibility studies and cost analysis of the platform.


We prototype for the early user feedback in terms of functionality, usability and to make sure the application validates the design approach. It takes 2 to 4 weeks timeframe for the prototype development depending upon the complexity of the product.


Our team of qualified and experienced designers and developers create user-experience-driven applications which are highly efficient as well as customizable and easy to integrate. These are being done following the best agile practices specifically based on the architectural blueprint.


At Kloudrac, we offer user training, customizations, enhancements and integration of the product with third-party applications. We also package, publish and manage applications on AppExchange for our clients.

Our Technical Assistant can assist you in Following:

  • Creating solutions that can meet your business goals and objectives effectively.
  • Ascertaining the best designs by incorporating custom development, standard feature-set as well as third-party apps.
  • Implementing the right solution in order to maximize the end-user adoption of the existing technology.
  • Development of products at a much lower cost as compared to other software platforms.
  • User training, customization, enhancements, and integration of the product with the existing third-party applications.


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