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All About HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language that actually describes web pages, comprises of three kinds of code: HTML which brings the structure, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which takes care of presentation and JavaScript which make things happen.

With the exponential rise in popularity of HTML5, designers and programmers can certainly expect some new possibilities for their websites and applications. HTML5 Mobile App Development adds mileage into the structure and presentation of the web documents. The language holds optimum power to revolutionize the domain of Website designing and development with some of the advanced features and functions in order to stay ahead in the high octane demands.

HTML5 is expected to integrate video streaming into browser applications which helps the users with a rich browsing experience. HTML5 also helps in delivering rich internet activities through Flash and Java FX. Gone are the days when HTML was all about tags and regular attributes. Now, HTML 5 runs on a broader approach which is as capable to take the web technology to the next level.

At Kloudrac, our developers strive to deliver a specialized view of the applications and websites under the umbrella of HTML5 Application Development which comes with the benefits of Responsive HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery together.

Future-Ready HTML5 Web and Mobile Solutions

Kloudrac secures a top spot as the HTML5 Development Company. With a demonstrated track record in previous versions of HTML, the proficiency still persists in HTML5. Our skilled and experienced HTML5 Web Development programmers repetitively refine their skills to perfection which help them to achieve their set targets in order to achieve the best HTML5 Development Services. They practice new tools and techniques in order to keep up the industry’s pace.

Our Capabilities

  • Responsive HTML5
  • jQuery Development
  • HTML5 App Development
  • Less CSS3
  • Angular.js
  • HTML5 Dashboard Development
  • Cross- Browser Compatibility
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • PSD to HTML Conversion

What makes you choose HTML5 for
front-end Development?

Rich Experience

HTML5 Web Development is responsible to bridge the gap between the browser and the desktop which leads to enhanced user experience.

Rich Media Support

HTML5 eliminates any requirement of downloading a plug-in in order to watch a video. Hence the language provides support for audio & video elements.

Cleaner Markup

HTML5 replaces div tags with semantic HTML 5 elements that enable web designers to use a streamlined code paradigm.

Creative Elements

Get built-in fancy elements with HTML 5 that brings different forms, search bars, text inputs and more.


HTML 5 enables designers and developers to build the web page in a more consistent manner.

Mobile Optimised

HTML5 Mobile App Development offers exceptional compatibility across screens and devices.


At Kloudrac, we offer fresh technologies to our clients to help them gain a competitive edge for their business. Contact us to gain the highest degree of innovation and excellence.

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