About Jira

Various IT Organisations try to streamline the number of tools they use as more and more options aggravates the management difficulties. This necessitates companies to seek tools that work across groups. The companies can use Atlassian Jira for test management and eliminate the need for an additional tool. Developed by an Australian Company Atlassian, Jira is used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. The primary use of this tool is to track bugs related to your software and mobile apps. It can also be used for project management. Since the Jira dashboard consists of multiple functions and features which make handling of issues and challenges easy. Hence the tool can be used by large and small teams for planning, building and releasing remarkable software.

Other Benefits of Jira

Jira is a project management software that has gained popularity among various companies. Over a short period of time, the software tool has scored 99% in user satisfaction which has made the tool as one of the best project management solutions. Jira offers a simple and intuitive interface that enables easy collaboration and enables a smooth accomplishment of the job.

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A number one choice for Configuration

The software was actually projected as an agile system in order to meet the needs of different niches and industries. But over the years, it has been developed as a highly customizable feature-rich solution with hybrid Scrubman approach which is a combination of Scrum and Kanban to easily embrace the given user scenario. Jira allows all your workflows, states, fields and issue types to get sensible defaults which take much of a developers’ burden off their shoulders. Hence, one can expect empowerment of the project management unit to maximize the potential idea.

Flexible project management

Jira primarily deals with agile project management that adopts both a Scrum and a Kanban approach and enables the capturing of data and regulatory evidence at a very early stage of the process. Java gives a realistic picture of the processes where one can expect active engagement from each and every member of the team.

A rick toolkit for agile developers

Undeniably, Jira is appreciated for the issue and bug tracking but gradually this system has grown to become developer’s favorite as they will be subjected to Jira Query Language (JQL) to create all filters and manipulations in the shortest period ever.

Incomparable connectivity

Jira can easily penetrate beyond business specifications with flexible REST and Java APIs a well as 800+ add-ons and plugins available in the Atlassian Marketplace. These make Jira a perfectly capable solution that can easily blend with any software environment and read-to run as soon as you sign-up any account.

About Kloudrac

Kloudrac offers the largest bench of Atlassian certified experts which means having the right expertise to handle projects of any size and complexity at the right time. Our experts incorporate technical and functional expertise that brings solutions considering both the process and technology. You can expect comprehensive solutions include: Installation, Configuration, Deployment of experts that support the initial setup of Atlassian tools till the implementation of Atlassian best practices while deploying the new integrations with Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Desk and many more.

At Kloudrac, we develop Jira Workflows, Confluence templates and other standards that improve team collaboration. We provide implementation and standalone training in Jira and Confluence by the team of top-rated certified experts. Our training approach is customized, exclusively based on our customer specific needs with the ultimate goal to improve team adoption as well as selecting the best Marketplace apps in order to map client business needs accurately.


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