Hire the right Mailchimp Integration Expert with Kloudrac

Planning to lift your template design or connecting to Mailchimp API’s? Sync up with Kloudrac that can help you market better and smarter like never before.

Features to Automate your Marketing

Ready to use Campaign Templates and Email Designer

Mailchimp offers a wide selection of pre-designed templates. All you can start with picking up one of the templates, add your respective campaign message and customize the templates. Mailchimp offers a vivid number of email designer features where you can design any campaign without any trouble.

Advanced Segmentation

The feature allows any business owners to communicate with the subscribers in a more personalized way than ever before. The feature offers more segments than ever before which can be built by using purchase history, website movements and many more.

Comparative Data Report

A perfect weapon to improve the campaigns by gathering comparative reports, Mailchimp helps to explore the behavior of the Subscriber in a better way. This feature eliminates the cumbersome job of manually exporting and combining of reports.

What Kloudrac has to offer?

E-mail is gaining momentum from the past couple of years. But does it mean that customer engagement is an easy task? Kloudrac houses Mailchimp Experts and in-depth knowledge that ensure an exceptional promotion of the business, increased sales and eventually lasting customer loyalty. Over the years, our Mailchimp services have been tested and mastered to build uncompromising brand loyalty.

Professional Consulting & Training

Kloudrac brags the extraordinary portfolio of exceptional consulting services that can take email marketing to the next level. Our Mailchimp experts maximize the potential of email marketing software. You can simply count on us to devise strategically executing email campaigns to meet the objective of customer engagement rate.

Innovative Newsletter Design & Coding

We are one of the leading Mailchimp Integration experts who are aware of the nitty-gritty of newsletter templates. Thus, we are experienced enough to develop custom Mailchimp templates that can easily fit any size of business. Each time our creativity ensures customers’ fascination with our enchanting newsletter land in their inbox.

Elaborate List Management

An improper email List is one of the biggest obstacles in the success of email marketing. Our experts can help you to clean up your business’s email list and polish target audience for seamless email campaigns. Achieve high levels of response rate by reducing spam complaints and refining the outreach.

Smartly devised Email Campaign Management

You might have an idea to conceptualize a campaign but looking for someone who can actually manage the cumbersome job of managing it properly. At Kloudrac, we shape up your idea by incorporating the unprecedented innovation that can capture the attention of customers. All you have to do is to come up with your content, we are here to build a responsible and smart campaign management process.



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