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About Marketo

Marketo is marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps the marketer to conquer the art of Marketing and Science of Digital Marketing. The platform is particularly designed to assess and automate marketing tasks that fit your marketing today and tomorrow. Basically, it works across multiple digital channels inclusive of mobile devices, email, video, website and search advertisements which automate marketing campaigns and sales lead generation for B2B and B2C marketers.

Features Fit for Dynamic Workforce

Lead Nurturing

Over the years, Lead Nurturing has become a significant part of a successful marketing strategy. Lead nurturing helps marketers to communicate consistently with buyers about cross-channel and throughout the sales cycle. Use lead nurturing to drive revenue growth by creating a lead nurture strategy, nurturing leads across the channels, Segmenting a Lead database, choosing the most appropriate content, testing & optimization, and measuring lead nurturing return on Investment.

Campaign Analysis

When it comes to digital communication, Email marketing is still a top-dog. Identify winning metrics to analyze and improve existing marketing strategies. These metrics measure the entire system and produce big-picture insights and let you keep improving year after year. With Marketo, you can analyze and improve the strategy, run a fresh campaign, measure the effect, and also learn from the process to get the best capabilities of Email Marketing.

Digital Advertisements

Modern buyers seek personalized and one-on-one conversations with brands in the right place at the right time. Learn about the evolution of digital advertising, how to structure the digital advertising team, and steps to test and optimize. With Marketo, you can expect personalized ads for promising customers, improved Paid Search ROI, bringing back valuable Website visitors that offer driving business through experiences.

Website Personalization

YEngage thousands of prospects on your website in real time with Marketo Web Personalization. Website Personalization is a targeting & Personalization platform which offers an access point for creating personalized web campaigns. It allows the marketer to make the marketing strategy more effective by identifying, segmenting and targeting visitors with specific and personalized messages across the website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of aligning the website or content according to the search Engine expectations which help in the increasing of organic ranking in search, improving brand awareness and hence maximized revenue. Marketo gives optimization Score which is a proprietary Marketo Score which measures all the page, based upon the compilation of dozens of best practices. With Marketo, one can achieve the goal to be as close to the first page by developing strategy, fixing existing issues and extending the reach beyond.

CRM Integration

Marketo easily integrates with most CRM that makes your Sales team always up to date. Get the tailor-made applications for Microsoft Dynamics and that establish seamless connections. Identify the most valuable customers and offer your potential customers a clear picture of the hottest leads. Give your Sales team the best opportunities to generate the maximum revenue.

About Kloudrac

Kloudrac houses the team of experienced consultants that help in creating robust strategies, optimizing marketing operations, streamlining Marketing Technology and executing day-to-day campaigns. These features help us to assist marketing leaders to exceed their goals and rise to the top. Most of the time, our clients faced some internal challenges for instance loss of revenue due to Marketing Technology that has turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. If you are experiencing similar challenges, then hire us to Integrate Marketo to enable your marketers to seamlessly bring together the right customer data and touch points. You can also take benefits of our proven marketing and sales enablement programs to effectively expand the customer base.

Contribution to Revenue

Identify the metrics that actually impact the bottom line. We will help you to maximize the marketing ROI with its multi-touch attribution.


We optimize your operations and execute campaigns from a centralized and decentralized marketing to scaling up for peak periods.

Easy CRM Integration

Kloudrac houses Dynamic experts that help in solving challenges, resolving data-mapping issues and many more.

Comply with GDPR, CCPA, CASL

Kloudrac helps in auditing your database and aligning as per the requirements for compliance.


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