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New iOS 13 Features to Play Around on your Apple Devices

Apple launched iOS 13 last week and has just updated to iOS 13.1. iOS 13.1 came only a few days after the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max release. You all have been utilizing the beta version of the updated software since it ended up accessible in June at WWDC, giving us a reasonable picture of how the new OS updates will function? 

This iOS 13 will come pre-installed on Apple’s new iPhone 11 line-up and already started rolling out to older smartphones from 19th September 2019. Starting with AR and video editing to an arsenal of privacy-focused tools, and beyond.

Here are the features you’ll get to play around your Apple Devices 

Dark Mode: iOS 13 includes OS-level Dark Mode that you can flip on to dive your whole smartphone experience into darkness. Your eyes will thank you later. 

Photos app: Apple updated the Photos application, presenting a new feature that curates your complete Photos library and shows you a choice of elements from your life by day, month, or year. Photographs and recordings are brilliantly organized, making it simpler to browse and remember your favourite memories.

New Quick Swiping Keyboard: Want to swipe on the keyboard as opposed to tap? It’s presently in there. There’s no line that follows your finger’s development, and it’s somewhat tricky to get used to at first, however, it’s closer to what we loved about Gboard. 

FaceTime Upgradation: You realize that thing in a FaceTime call where you look at your screen and consequently aren’t looking at the camera? Apple will utilize AI to move the direction of your look. Somewhat unpleasant on a fundamental level, however hugely useful.

Face ID is vastly improved: You going to love this feature – the field of view for unlocking your apple devices with your face is wider, so looking at the phone on the desk will open your iPhone up without needing to lift the handset. 

‘Find my iPhone’ and ‘Find my Friends’ are fused: Both applications are currently in one ‘Find My’ app and Apple’s added in functionality that can discover disconnected gadgets from different iPads or iPhones. The best part is that we got less timed out tracking errors. 

Optimized Battery Charging: By that, Apple signifies ‘lifetime of the battery’ not ‘time between charges’ – the new iOS 13 platform is more brilliant at charging and will reduce the power input at the right times. The dark mode should help too on iPhone OLED displays; however, it is still in testing. 

Reminders get a huge upgrade: Reminders now allows for attachments and better sorting. Probably won’t sound huge, however a major jump for those who use it.

The camera is getting a major upgrade: Portrait mode will offer progressively adaptable lighting and new ‘High Key Mono’ mode.

Siri sounds better: A refined voice with increasingly common diction, Siri is a lot more pleasant to talk with now. You probably won’t notice it without a side-by-side comparison, but it’s here.

All new Memoji to play with: You can include make-up, throw in Memoji stickers from the keyword – in case you’re into your very own animation face there’s a lot to try here.

Control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth more simply: you going to love this long press, 3D Touch for certain iPhone models on the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth button in the Control Center and you can access all your connections in one simple place.

Moreover, Apple upgraded many of its applications in iOS 13. Safari, for example, is getting per-website preferences, while Apple Mail is getting desktop formatting, and Notes is getting a new gallery view. 

This is a major deal in the realm of iPhone application development. Developers will presently have a lot more to experiment with while building on iOS.

So, WWDC 2019 has been no less than a gala for app developers! It has opened the space to what Kloudrac can call a new era in iPhone App Development.

At Kloudrac, we’re strategists and Full-Stack iPhone Application Developers, who know how to build the latest iOS 13 Compatible Mobile Applications and deliver thorough iOS Application Development Services.

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