Org Health App

Org Health is implemented to check the org usability within the System. Every user has limitations within org depending upon the editions purchased.

  • Org Health App 3
  • Org Health App 4
  • Org Health App 5

“We have synchronized the manual work for surfing the limits for Orgs into a single window”.

Below mentioned are some of the Advantages for this App:

  • It will help the customers to see all the Org Governor Limits within the Org at one single page
  • Users can also see the API per day limit on the same page with the help of this app
  • Provides better understanding to the customer
  • Effective and smooth functioning

Check Out: Org Health App

Org Health is divided into two categories:

  • Custom Limit: It Includes Custom Object Limit, Workflow Rules, Document Limits etc.
  • API Limit: It Include Daily Bulk API Requests, Daily Streaming API Events, Daily Workflow Emails, Mass Emails limits etc.
Overall, this app would save customers lots of time and will give them the required limits information of their org in one single page.

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