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Custom Setup Audit Trail

Standard Salesforce Audit Trail helps to track the data about the recent changes that the Users have made in the Salesforce org. Audit Trail History shows the 20 most recent setup changes made in the Salesforce org. The list consists of Users (who has made the changes), his following Actions and date & time.

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Bulk Field Creator

Many at times we come across the scenarios that there’s a need to create multiple fields of different data types during the application development in Salesforce. It gets mind-numbing as it takes a lot of clicks and a lot of time. The same process is required to be repeated which is Boring and Time Taking.

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360 PDF Print View

A robust and customizable platform is paramount in order to ensure the efficacious growth of a business. This App is an ad-on to the ‘Printable View’ action link in Salesforce. Besides being able to customize the ‘Print View’ layout, this App also provides a feature to change the logo of the record being created.

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Record Ownership Transfer

In Today’s business world, where there is a lot of Competition and Opportunity, the general trend seen is that people hop from one company to another. If we talk about the “Sales team”, It is the backbone of any company as they are solely responsible for generating leads and then converting them into deals.

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Org Health App

Org Health is implemented to check the org usability within the System. Every user has limitations within org depending upon the editions purchased.

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