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Quip for Admins— Rethink Teamwork…. Get More Done Together

Every day, Salesforce Admins are tasked with managing a multitude of projects. And when they’re not managing projects, they’re collaborating on them with other teams.
Meet Quip: Salesforce’s Collaboration Platform. Quip is a tool that has documents, spreadsheets, tasks, and app integrations all in one place. Teams can create, discuss, and get better work done faster than ever before — from any device — because Quip combines work and communication in a new way.

Why (and how) to use Quip

Quip documents are a simple way to track work efficiently as a team without the burden of cumbersome project management tools. Create checklists, assign owners with “@mentions”, and use comments and chat to discuss the work in place, and make real-time decisions. Quip enables Admins to bring efficiency to their teams and their users.
Plus, Quip is the only product that provides a seamless connection between Salesforce and collaboration. With Quip, Salesforce Live Data can be plugged right into the documents and spreadsheets your sales, marketing, and analytics teams are using to do their jobs every day. With Quip, Admins can give any team a single source of truth document to more effectively track projects.

Quip natively integrates with Salesforce

Quip is now a core part of the Salesforce experience for all customers. The Winter ’18 release will bring living documents into the Salesforce business process so now Admins can help their users collaborate and get more work done with a best-in-class experience:

  • Quip is now integrated with Files Platform.
  • Salesforce Reports can be exported to Quip directly.
  • Quip and Chatter are finally connected!
  • Quip now supports one site to multiple Salesforce Org mapping.

Open Reports in Quip

Take full advantage of Quip’s living documents by working with connected report data in a Quip spreadsheet. Plus, work with Quip’s productivity features: @Mention colleagues to discuss data through real-time discussion threads. Harness hundreds of spreadsheet functions. And add spreadsheets into other Quip docs to add data to your context, or context to your data. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

To work with report data in Quip, click Open in Quip. If prompted, sign in to Quip.
Opening a report in Quip connects the report with a Quip spreadsheet. Once connected, the spreadsheet automatically gets refreshed report data from Salesforce, and the spreadsheet links back to records in Salesforce. For example, Account Name columns link back to Account records.
Manage connected report data in the Quip spreadsheet by clicking Live Data and hovering over the name of the connected Salesforce report. From the Live Data menu, you can:

  • Open the report in Salesforce.
  • Manually refresh the report to get the latest data in Quip.
  • Turn automatic report refreshes on or off. When automatic refresh is on, then Quip gets the latest refreshed report data from Salesforce whenever you open the spreadsheet.
  • Delete the connection between the Salesforce report and the Quip spreadsheet. Deleting the connection doesn’t delete the Salesforce report nor the Quip spreadsheet.

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