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What is Salesforce Quote-to-Cash?

Quote-to-cash is defined as the complete set of business processes exclusively involved in selling that starts from creating initial offers to collecting cash. With the ultimate objective to offer the visibility needed to boost revenue growth, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash gives Finance, Sales, Legal and operations an integrated view of all the customers, quotes and contracts which further reduces errors and delays and henceforth improves customer loyalty. The process connects a customer’s intent to buy and a company’s realization of revenue which makes it the most critical process for any business to master. In a nutshell, the entire Sales, contracting and revenue management processes come under Quote to Cash Salesforce that reduces friction from the moment there’s Sales or renewal opportunity until revenue recognition.


Process of Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

Quote to Cash encompasses the entirety of Sales, Contract and Customer Relationship Lifecycles which were historically disconnected and siloed. Consequently, these processes led to manual and tremendously inefficient sales cycles. With Quote-to-Cash, these highly collaborative aspects of the businesses have optimized over time by streamlining the opportunity stage through revenue recognition.

Here are the 10 steps that drastically improve your Quote to Cash Process:



Identifying the right combination of goods and services and recommend it to the customer are essential to winning the deal. Extending these recommendations to your sales reps with the help of Salesforce Quote-to-Cash can certainly make them configuration experts.



Establishing the correct set of discounts, promotions, and incentives without cutting the margins helps you to drive revenue. By unleashing the pricing and promotion strategy, sales reps can certainly apply the winning strategy to upcoming deals, increase win rates and maximize deal sizes.



Quotes are taken to be the first impression on your customers. Presenting a quick and accurate quote can help you win a deal while an error or delayed quote can lose you a customer. Hence it is imperative to present a quote quickly in order to create the optimal customer experience.


Contract Creation

Each deal ends with an agreement that contains a set of terms and conditions. These agreements carry a lot of risks which can create a serious impact on the revenue stream. These details matter when it comes to protecting the business. Hence, it necessitates having visibility of the right people into built-in-clauses to ensure security.


Contract Negotiation

Since contract negotiation is a constantly changing document which makes it salient to get detailed visibility in your contracts as it goes through multiple iterations. Extending the details to legal can significantly cut down on the needless tasks that waste the time of an expensive legal professional.


Contract Execution

Effective contract execution can drive deal acceleration. With an E-signature tool, all you can reduce the time spent on finalizing contracts. These roadblocks can easily be eased with an effective tool that can give accurate visibility of the current roadblocks that are yet to sign.


Order Fulfillment

Every business works day and night to put forth an integrated and visible system that provides one connected view of the customer so that the changes in the orders and requirements are reflected in the final product.Quote to Cash Salesforce ensures that the quotes, prices and contracting terms are communicated to the respective parties and connected to your ERP system.



Accurate Billing determines cash flow, forecasting and revenue recognition. Billing is relatively easy when it comes to a seamlessly integrated Quote-to-Cash process where everything is captured in the quote and the contract is automatically forwarded to the finance team while guaranteeing accurate billing and renewal information.


Revenue Recognition

Recognizing revenue holds the utmost significance. When significant details in your contracting terms such as pricing, net payment terms, and delivery schedules are made available to the finance department, your company can only be able to recognize the revenue accurately.



You need to stay on top of your contracts especially when it comes to the SaaS model as an enormous part of revenue comes in the form of repeat and subscription customers. Your company can effectively identify expiring contracts, upsell and cross-sell current customers with accurate insights into your quotes and contracts.

Engage with Kloudrac as your Quote to Cash Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Partner to get a quick, personalized and omnichannel experience.

Quote-to-Cash works on to create a connected experience where employees are empowered to deliver the amazing buying experience as per the customers’ demand. By standardizing prices, and automating quotes & proposals, Quote to Cash helps salespeople to sell smarter and faster. However, employing an application like Quote to Cash requires a solid plan. Kloudrac’s Salesforce quote-to-cash consultants offer extensive experience in Quote to Cash Salesforce.Kloudrac’s qualified and professional Salesforce Certified Consultants have a strong track of successful Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Implementations. Our developers work on the following approach to offer out of the box Quote-to-cash solutions:

  • Creating solid sources of information for the different aspects of Quote-to-cash.
  • Identifying the processes that are fragmented or difficult to handle
  • Establishing a single system of record for products and pricing
  • Focus on areas of the biggest impact

Other factors that make Kloudrac ideal for Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Consulting and Implementation are:

Quality with On-time Delivery

Kloudrac strives for continuous improvement and therefore committed to a quality delivery outcome. All you can expect delivery on-time with the highest quality standards.

Highly experienced team

Our dynamic and experienced professionals have a vast experience in Information Technology specifically in the leading Technology Platforms. Allow Kloudrac to offer our vast Salesforce Consulting Services encompassing Salesforce Support, Implementation, Integration, migration, customization and development.

Blended Onshore/offshore Model

Kloudrac’s business model is exclusively designed to ensure a cost-effective quality outcome. Our onsite Salesforce Consulting services are backed by our offshore Salesforce resources making sure a quality-driven solution and on-time delivery extended to the clients.


Kloudrac offers flexibility where you can choose a model as per your business needs. Our Salesforce Consulting Service at Kloudrac can last until the end of the engagement or it can be customized at a future date.


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