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In Today’s business world, where there is a lot of Competition and Opportunity, the general trend seen is that people hop from one company to another. If we talk about the “Sales team”, It is the backbone of any company as they are solely responsible for generating leads and then converting them into deals. As per the Standard Salesforce process, The Ownership for those Account, Contact and Opportunity remains with the User who converts that Lead. In such a scenario, if any Sales Rep leaves the Organization, it has a big Impact on the Sales Team. Thus, it is Important for a Manager to Assign/ Change the Ownership of that attriting User to another Active User with in the Team.


As per requirement, a manager can either transfer the records to one or multiple users at a time. This application is lightning ready, so it can be easily used in Salesforce1 as well.

Special Feature

One of the most Important feature of this app is that, a manager can only transfer the records within the team but if a user exists in a public group, he has access to all the Records in the Org and he can search for any User and can Transfer the Accounts, Contacts, Open Opportunities and Open Cases Records in the Org.


Record Ownership Transfer application is designed and build on Salesforce.com platform, which gives the user an ease to access it anywhere and anytime. As Salesforce.com has multitenant architecture, so this application can be used by multiple users in the same time. They just need a device and an Internet Connection.