Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation

About Salesforce Community

Community Cloud is an online community from that is exclusively designed to connect and facilitate communication among employees, partners or customers of any company in a new yet different way. The platform supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and provides channels to exchange information with internal and external stakeholders. Community Cloud that employs Salesforce’s Chatter social CRM Platform for screen sharing and chats, allows users to exchange images and data in real-time.

Being a multi-tenant infrastructure, Community Cloud enables collaboration with other several organizations from a specific group with some of the computing concerns inclusive of audit requirements, regulatory compliance or performance requirements.

Benefits of Salesforce Community

Affordable, predictable pricing and support

Implementing Salesforce Communities is a big step for any organization to connect customers, partners, and employees directly to the apps, information, and experts in order to take action. Community License price is determined by the volume of usage and is an affordable system with the kind of features and capabilities that it extends.

Less time in Deployment

The portal can be built in as early as 30 days. In the past, portals were individually developed by programmers who were supposed to learn the intricacies of each stakeholder in order to develop the right application by using Java, PHP or .NET. However, the Salesforce Cloud Platform runs on the multi-corporate portal technologies that are built into its structure.


This feature is the most appropriate feature for always-connected consumers. If you have a Lightning Community today, Salesforce has made it easy to take that digital experience further everything from its content to its design and layout. These features altogether packaged into a branded mobile app that is easily downloadable from the Google Play and Apple App Store. Salesforce Community Cloud comes with the Mobile Publisher to be as simple for Salesforce Admins to easily remodel an existing Lightning Community into a mobile app for Android or iOS.

Integration Friendly

Salesforce Community Cloud can use the native integration to Salesforce or build a custom API to another backend system in order to bridge Disparate Data Sources so the right users can access the right data in real-time. This encourages a 360-degree view of the customers and partners so that the best service can be offered at the appropriate time with intuitive reports on performance in a closed-loop approach. .

Collaborate and Connect like never before

Salesforce Community Cloud streamlines the processes of Stakeholders in order to uplift the businesses and differentiate themselves in a competitive environment. Use the advancement in order to create a delightful experience that accelerates the success of all stakeholders involved.



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