What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning or Salesforce Lightning is a component-based framework for app development which is the next generation of Salesforce that is specifically designed to simplify processes for business users. It’s a quantum forward in functionality, usability, and speed for every user including admins, developers, executives and also other business users who typically do not have programming experience.

Lightning Features

Lightning offers a modern and beautiful user experience from Salesforce. Being the perfect platform for the sales and service-centric mindset, it focuses on reinventing the desktop environment that streamlines the business processes. The result is an intuitive and intelligent interface that helps the sales and service teams to work more naturally as well as productively.

Some key features to evaluate the users’ benefit when you transition to the lightning experience.

  • Lightning App Builder which offers drag and drop capabilities to enable app creating and customization
  • AExperience, a Graphical User Interface which is optimized for speed
  • Lightning Component Framework that facilitates the development of reusable components and standalone apps by making use of tools and extensions
  • Appexchange for Components that makes over 50 partner components which is available in the App Builder.
  • Design System which offers the style guides and User Experience (UX) best practices for the robust app development.
  • Lightening Offer that seamlessly accesses data from the external sources.

Salesforce Lightning- One Stop Solution for Business Users

Business Users

In every passing moment, make everyone more productive. Unlock the benefits of switching to Lightning today with an updated and efficient UI. It enables the team to spend more time to provide exceptional customer experience. Moreover, it reduces time juggling between the technologies and applications.

IT and Admins

Apps built on Lightning are best-in-class that accelerate time to market while simplifying the app development.

Power Users

Since business is continuously evolving, Lightning gives the platform to keep up the business transformation as well as changing marketplace by offering real-time analytics, intuitive dashboard capabilities and aligning sales and service to meet new business opportunities.

Sounds Great… But are there any drawbacks?

Yes. Like any significant update, it can cause little inconvenience to the users and developers. Some major points that are needed to consider before giving it a shot are:

Everyone will face an adjustment period

After the transition, one needs time to adjust to the new interface and also the workflow. For instance, Lightning is slow on refreshing changes. If a user decides to add a field, it doesn’t appear immediately. There are some more features in Classic that are yet to be integrated into Lightning for instance printing and editing reports.

JavaScript Changes

JavaScript buttons are not supported in Lightning which is taken to be the significant pain point for the users that rely on them. However, Lightning continues to have relied heavily on JavaScript. They will have to juggle working with the two environments i.e. Lightning and Lightning Mobile.

The best time to make the

Salesforce Lightning is the future for all SFDC users. Few things you might want but not are fully Lightning-enabled. Sometimes you might want, more particularly in third-party plug in-apps, but yet to be fully Lightning-enabled. There are some Greenfield Situations where Classic might appear more suitable. However, any possible advantages are nullified shortly. Moreover, extra friction of transitioning to Lightning wipes out the short-term advantage. But even if you go Lightning-only from the very first day, your system administrators will have to learn the Classic UI and somehow navigate for the next couple of quarters.

What makes you choose Kloudrac?

At Kloudrac, we help you in the smooth transition from classical to Salesforce Lightning and in the least time. If you are planning for a recent Salesforce Implementation or intending to migrate from Classic to Lightning, we will help you installing Lightning without disrupting the everyday business.
Hire us to unlock the potential for your business with our expertise in the superlative service. Our team of Adept developers creates the streamlined, fully customized Salesforce CRM with the right apps and system as per your needs.


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