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What is Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the unified marketing platform that enables marketers to create, manage marketing relationships and personalize the experience across everything. The software incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey management via mobile, email, social media, Content Creation, Content Management, web personalization, advertising, and data analysis. It also includes predictive analytics to help in the decision-making process. Hence, the software is responsible to create a seamless experience across marketing as well as partner networks.

How does Salesforce Marketing Cloud simplify the functioning between partner Network?

Nowadays, consumers look for every brand interaction to be connected, relevant and convenient. However, it’s a major challenge for the companies to deliver seamless consumer engagement at scale when it sells and market through large partner networks. The distributed Marketing from Salesforce makes it effortless for brands to deliver a consistent experience across the partner network.

How Kloudrac can help you out?

Sales and Marketing teams are regarded as the front line of any client which necessitates aligning them in the most accurate way. However, it poses to be the major challenge than ever. Being the only unified social Marketing suite, Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers organizations to take significant business decisions. Kloudrac offers Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services to gain valuable information about potential customers and enhance social media monitoring. Moreover, Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud will eliminate guesswork for all the campaigns. You get the capability to drive the customer journey by making you aware of real-time intelligence, collective data and strategic guidance for ongoing marketing initiatives.

The complete set of Marketing tools exclusively built on a unified platform

Salesforce Data Studio

With the world’s largest source of Second-party data, discover High-quality audiences at scale, powered by premium data.

Advertising Studio

Harness your Customer Data, Connect your channels and generate more leads to ensure global reach by driving your Google, Facebook and Display Advertising Securely.

Contact Builder

Manage, consolidate, Organize, and link data from all Marketing Cloud apps along with the external sources in order to get a single view of a customer that shows all the interactions between the brand.

Content Builder

a cross-channel Content Management Tool that enables consolidating images, documents and Content in a single location for use.

Mobile Studio

Engage at the right moment and reach customers on any device by personalizing mobile messages with SMS marketing, group messages and push notifications.

Email Studio

Target your Audience, build your best mail and Automate your messages to enable customer journeys at scale from any source.

Social Studio

Listen to the conversation, engage with your Community, Publish on Social Media and Monitor from one interface and ultimately knit together the marketing with sales and service over popular channels.


Marketing Cloud Planning & Strategy

Kloudrac works closely with you in order to sketch the needs, scale, and marketing objectives to prepare personalized customer journey. We offer the best skills and expertise to put together a sound Salesforce marketing Cloud Services that will include the following:

  • Creating a single customer View by using the existing data
  • Building a marketing automation process as per the objective set.
  • Maximizing engagement by making use of Omni-channel execution.
  • Accurately plotting of journey and interactions throughout the Customer Life Cycle.
  • A close eye on the performance via creating a framework

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Marketing Cloud Implementation will prove beneficial for your customers on your desired path, based on their existing or anticipated behavior. At Kloudrac, our journey Builder expertise will exclusively include customer journey automation, customer engagement marketing, relationship marketing, and campaign management. Our scope of work encompasses:

  • To determine the needs and objective in order to explore the Scope.
  • Charting out a project plan and solution blueprint that correspond to the desired milestone.
  • Configuration and Setting up of Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Automation of Data Sources
  • Development of assets for the marketing initiatives
  • Building up of Customer Journey
  • Testing
  • On-boarding as well as training of your team.

Marketing campaign Analytics

Kloudrac believes that the biggest worry that one marketer faces is to generate meaningful insights out of a humongous amount of data. Making meaningful decisions, access to make real-time adjustments to make the customer’s experience engaging, relevant and personalized should be central to any campaign. Kloudrac offers 360-degree data view with the marketing Cloud campaign analytics which includes:

  • Data Optimization
  • Establishing intuitive dashboards for the executives
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Data Warehousing

Marketing Campaign Integration

At Kloudrac, we offer our tools and accelerators that exclusively support omnichannel marketing with the ultimate motive to achieve interoperability in the organization. Our Marketing Campaign Integration Includes:

  • Customized Development
  • Cross-platform Integration and Cross-Channel
  • Social Platforms
  • Accelerator Tools
  • Online Ads

Unlock the Full Potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Kloudrac

Kloudrac is the right solution towards successful automation where we offer expert assistance throughout the process-Right from identifying the right solution for a business to supporting its flawless operation later.

Are you interested in Salesforce Marketing Cloud services and need more details to redefine the way you do marketing? Kloudrac offers the best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation where you can freely contact for substantial consultation.


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