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Say hello to the Salesforce1 Customer Platform

Connectivity is the key in the modern world. Everyone is looking at 24*7 connectivity to achieve the highest levels in sales, marketing and services.

The Salesforce1 Customer Platform has a bouquet of new APIs, mobile tools and more to enable you to connect to all your devices and to all your customer data. It empowers and prepares you for this new word where hyper-connectivity is setting new standards of expectations among customers. The platform readies you for very personalized customer service with real-time insights into customer problems and needs.

With Salesforce1 you can get the following features :

  • All your sales, service, and marketing data at your finger tip
  • Instantly bring your customizations like workflow, permissions, and sharing settings to mobile.
  • All your custom objects, fields, and any app you’ve integrated or built declaratively is now mobile.
  • The apps you’ve downloaded from the AppExchange are now accessible from anywhere.
  • Global and contextual actions you’ve created for the publisher.
  • View all the posts and processes that need your attention in the notifications center.
  • Connect with other employees and collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects.
  • Access everything you need from your favorite device, iOS, or Android.

With complete and open APIs, developers can build the next generation of apps today. Mobile-ready and more accessible, it’s the fastest way to connect anything to everything. And sell, service, and market on any device. Everywhere.

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