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Service Cloud Implementation

About Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform specifically designed for customer service and support. This tool is based on the company’s CRM software exclusive for Sales Professionals. This customer service and support platform allows users to automate service processes, streamline workflows and identify crucial articles, topics, and experts in order to support the agent. With the ultimate objective to foster a one-to-one marketing relationship with each and every customer across multiple channels and on any device.

Benefits of Service Cloud

Benefits of Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud has revolutionized the concept of customer support by making interactions easier between the organization and customers with some of the pout-of-the-benefits it offers:

Call Center functionality in your console

Computer-telephony integration (CTI) gives agents call center functionality that can be handled right from the Service Cloud console. This ensures that the agents are equipped with customer information. The agents will be prepared beforehand to properly manage, engage and interact with the customers. With CTI, it eliminates the need for taking notes at the time of calls as it longs the entire call automatically and gets it associated with the objects like cases, contacts records or anything you create.

Unifies all the information in one place

Using the Service Cloud, you can keep information at one place from customer profiles to dashboards which unifies the agents’ experience as well as maximize their productivity. When information is kept at the agent’s fingertips, faster and accurate service delivery can be expected. This also empowers the customer service team to answer customer questions accurately, predict customer needs and provide advanced customer service each time. With Salesforce Service Cloud multi-channel capability, customers can expect fast and personalized service irrespective of the channel they employ to reach out.

Automate your pipeline for better customer Service

Customer Service software lies at the heart of the Salesforce Service Cloud. The primary feature of case management allows you to streamline the pipeline for better customer service. With Salesforce Service Cloud, customer support cases can be resolved faster by keeping the agents connected to the activities and information they need. With Salesforce Service Cloud, service processes can be streamlined along with the consistency that reflects on the customer support and business processes. You can also leverage Service Cloud by keeping a close on the customer interaction that it offers in a chronological timeline irrespective of channels.

Manage Social Media Channels

Since most of the customers are now on social media, Service Cloud supports you with the capability to listen and respond to customers across several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. This is one of the best tools that help you in delivering smarter social service by channelizing social cases to the right agent at the right time. By combining keywords, classifiers, and language detection, your agents will be able to get actionable posts straightaway on the right issues in the right way.

Smart Collaboration Platform

Salesforce Service Cloud can be taken as a smart collaboration platform where agents can seamlessly share their expertise for each critical circumstances. It can be further used for communication as well as document sharing purposes where agents can altogether discuss problems and prevent case escalations.

Mobile-first Platform

The power of the Salesforce goes beyond the desktop. Being a mobile-first platform, Salesforce Service Cloud enables in creating engaging experiences for the customers as well as mobile employees that come with an intuitive drag-and-drop tools and unique mobile app. With the help of the Field Service Lightning mobile app, you can resolve any challenge and help the mobile team to get the job finished at the time.

Salesforce Service Cloud Offerings at Kloudrac

Service Cloud offers a set of capabilities to make your customer service apt. But this set is not ready to use which at like a Lego Kit for accurately evaluating customer service abilities. It needs to be managed meticulously to arrange, adjust, configure and need substantial rework in order to make sure that the company is getting maximum out of Salesforce Investment. This is why Kloudrac is ever-ready to help out no matter at what stage are you in the Salesforce-related decision-making process.

Salesforce Consulting

After analyzing your business problem, we propose the top-notch solutions in order to solve or improve the status quo. You can consult us at the time of the following cases:

You are not confident enough if Service Cloud is the ultimate choice of a Customer Service Solution

At this point, Our business analysts and experienced certified Salesforce developers identify and examine your challenges in order to map your needs against other Service Cloud possibilities. You can ask for an implementation plan as per the circumstances. This will help our developers to carry out the entire project. We can simultaneously offer you other solutions to correspond to your needs.

When your Service Could didn’t live up to your expectations

In that case, the solution might have been misconfigured or need some further enhancements that might have been ignored at the time of setup. To identify the exact reason for your Service Cloud’s performance issue, we can scrutinize your solution, figure out the root cause of its performance challenges and accordingly provide needed optimizations.

Salesforce Implementation

Are looking for a Salescloud Implementation Partner or looking for someone who can continue a paused implementation, then Kloudrac can lend a helping hand by offering experienced and certified professionals. Apart from implementation, configuration and customization, we can perform integration seamlessly. To make sure Service Cloud maps your customer needs, you may need to integrate Service Cloud with email, social networks, CTI or other Salesforce Clouds. We are equally capable to connect its other systems and platforms, for instance, SAP, SharePoint, Office 365, Slack, etc.

Salesforce Migration

There is a huge probability that you already have a customer service tool and you are looking to migrate it to Service Cloud. This would necessitate transferring all the customer interaction data from the legacy tool into the service cloud. Perhaps you are currently using Service Cloud Classic, and you’d like to migrate to Service Cloud Lightning. No matter what migration type you need, our Certified Salesforce Developer will help you in assessing our needs, plan and carry out the migration swiftly.

Salesforce Managed Service and Evolution

Even if you have Service Cloud solution up and running, we will still make that it keeps up the changing business requirements. For these purposes, our Service Cloud makes sure to deliver Support and maintenance Service along with managed services. This is inclusive of ongoing maintenance, bug fixing, system monitoring, and issue resolution to feature customizations, enhancements, and custom app development and much more.


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