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The Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customer personalization is one of the most effective marketing methods to use, but requires considerable time and effort to manage. Fortunately, Salesforce has the perfect platform to help you create personalized customer engagement. Today, we’d like to go over the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Why choose the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform that allows you to manage your customers’ journeys. You can use the Marketing Cloud to drive engagement, create campaigns, build personalized web content, track interactions online and more.
By selecting the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you gain the potential to improve your marketing strategy exponentially. The Marketing Cloud allows you to track, analyze and use valuable customer data to create relevant interaction experiences and content for individual customers.
The Marketing Cloud features a suite of tools that help you do everything from automating emails to merging your social accounts. Now, let’s take a look at the different platforms and channels that Salesforce marketing cloud provides and how your organization can benefit using these powerful features.
Platforms – Salesforce marketing cloud provides you with 6 different platforms which your organization can utilize to build effective marketing strategies. I have described each of the different platforms in detail below:  

journey builder - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Journey Builder – With Journey builder you can build 1-to-1 journeys at scale. You can deliver simple or complex journeys for every individual, no matter the size of your customer base. You can incorporate sales and service activities right into the journey. Using the journey builder you can define specific goals and measure CTRs, timing, channels, conversions and more. You can evaluate your progress and optimize the performance as you go.
audience builder - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Audience Builder – With audience builder, you can build a single view of your customer using data from different sources like Sales cloud, Service cloud and other data sources. Audience builder provides you with the functionality to filter data from multiple sources instantly. This can help your organization to target smart audiences. Not only this, but you can also validate audiences and engage with them at the right moment.
personalization builder - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Personalization Builder – Your organization can use the power of personalization builder’s predictive analytics and predictive modeling, to understand each customer’s preference. This enables your organization to build profiles of customers. You can then use these profiles to tailor personalized content and deliver it across different channels.
 content builder - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Content Builder – With content builder, you can create, manage and track content across all your digital channels from a single location. The content builder provides you with drag-and-drop smart content blocks so that you can create content once and use it at various places. Content builder comes with sophisticated algorithms to determine and deliver the best content for each customer. 
analytics builder - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Analytics Builder – Using the analytics builder you can uncover new insights about your customers. With analytics builder you can display your reports using bar graph, pie charts, scatter plots and other visualization techniques. Analytics builder also comes with email analytics and reporting using which you can understand whether a customer has opened, clicked, unsubscribed and more for each of your campaigns.
cloud connect - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Marketing Cloud Connect – With marketing cloud connect you get access to all of your Salesforce customer data – data in different Salesforce products. You can trigger activities that connect interactions across Salesforce sales cloud, Salesforce service cloud and other Salesforce products.

Channels – Salesforce marketing cloud provides you with 5 different channels using which your organization can interact with its customers. Below defined are the different channels available in Marketing Cloud:

email studio - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Email Studio – Your organization can use the email studio to create customer engaging emails. Using email studio, you can keep tabs on your email campaigns. You can further boost your return on investment with built-in A/B testing capabilities, integrated predictive intelligence and email delivery tools. Also, using email studio you can filter your subscriber base and send targeted email messages based on customer data.
social studio - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Social Studio – Social studio provides your organization with social listening tools to hear conversations from different sources. You can plan, execute and track social media marketing campaigns. Using social studio you can monitor your owned social channels and participate in conversations at scale.
mobile studio - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Mobile Studio – With mobile studio your organization can get a mobile-first mindset with SMS, MMS, push messaging and group messaging. You can engage with customers in the moment, send real-time alerts and notifications. With mobile studio you can build powerful APIs to automate mobile marketing solutions. Using geo-location technology, you can interact with your customers at the right place and time.
 advertising studio - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Advertising Studio – With advertising studio you can power digital advertising and manage ad campaigns. You can use customer data from multiple sources to securely reach customers and lookalikes across various platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter etc. Your organization can use the advertising studio to manage ad campaigns at scale. 
 web studio - salesforce marketing cloud - edureka Web Studio – Web studio provides you with tools to create beautiful, dynamic web-pages and personalized content. You can track real-time customer interaction on your website and gain insights from it. Using the web studio, your organization can deliver personalized content and recommendations.

Well that’s a lot of things that you can do using the Salesforce marketing cloud.

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