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Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off your souls”. Art that touches the finest string of soul, has gradually become the central theme of almost all successful mobile apps. Kloudrac’s Dedicated Mobile UI/UX team spends their day and night to offer the intuitive experience to the clients while navigating the mobile app. With our crowdsourcing model, our UI/UX experts work together to deliver the best possible results in the stipulated time-period. Hire our skilled User Interface designers who are experts to deal with your mobile interface, dashboard, Android and iOS apps, web, and tvOS too.

Kloudrac’s Approach to create User-centric Designs

Our user-centered design process solves a number of designing needs through user research, expert analysis, prototyping, a collaborative design with users and stakeholders. This comprehensive process ensures a remarkable experience.


Our Approach to User Experience

At Kloudrac, you can expect a simple, user-centric yet phenomenal designs that can seamlessly engage your customers. Discover our approach to design highly functional products.


Understand the product goals

At Kloudrac, we begin by undertaking comprehensive research based on understanding the company’s vision and business objectives.

Customer Journey Mapping

With the help of research we identify core functionalities of the product that requires additional attention to details.

UX flow through Wireframing

In this step, we create rough sketches that include all the features and structural assumptions by using tools like Axure. We believe detailing even small information onto sketches and establishing a correct flow in order to ensure that the product is broadly figured out.

Understanding brand language:

At this stage, you will come across amazing design strategy with the help of style tiles, collections of typography and color schemes.

User Feedback and Refinement

With the help of “react and feel” for the interface design that helps our designers to structure navigation to bring through optimal functionality.

User Interface & Visual design

Our design pieces are rolled over to the respective product-centric engineers who are well versed on handling transitions keeping in mind the long-term vision of the product.

Usability Testing & Analytics

Our comprehensive mobile app usability testing solution goes for real users in order to make sure that the app is properly evaluated. The valuable insights help in measuring, managing and enhancing app’s performance at the initial stage of deployment.



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