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Automate your Sales Process and Close More Deals with Zoho

About Zoho CRM

One of the fastest growing cloud business platforms in the world, Zoho covers a wide range of business applications such as Marketing Automation, Salesforce Automation, project management, Customer Services, finance as well as collaboration tools. Zoho’s Cloud-based CRM manages sales, marketing, and customer support facets of business-to-customer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) engagement strategies. Being licensed as Software as a Service (SaaS), Zoho CRM can be accessed by popular web browsers for use on Mac OS X, Linux, and Window desktops. Over the years, it has become popular for companies for all sizes, providing users with core CRM Capabilities. One can leverage the benefits of Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social CRM and Sales functions. Thus, Zoho CRM initiates multiple conversations across different multiple channels which enable better control over customer Relationship Management and Customer Retention without any breakage.

Organize Your Sales Funnel with unique features of Zoho

Never ever lose track of a lead again with Zoho that offers the following awesome features:

  • Get all your leads, accounts and contacts all-in-one Place.
  • Capture greater visibility of Your Sales Pipeline
  • Accurately track the age of each opportunity
  • Get better insights into activities against different Leads/Contacts/Accounts/Opportunities.
  • Measure performance through intrigue dashboards & Reports.

Zoho Services at Kloudrac

Get Bespoke solutions to suit you and your company. Allow us to build a more personal software environment. At Kloudrac, you can expect solutions which are extensible and services flexible enough to adjust them as per your needs.

Zoho One Consultancy

Zoho One is the innovative and comprehensive suite of business applications enabling you to reach customers, increase sales, balance your book and work in the most productive and collaborative way. These activities can be done from any device-all from a single account. Let us offer you the reliable deployment and customizable capabilities that are as capable to fulfill all your needs.

Add Ons & Integrations

Success depends upon the right connections and building up a meaningful working relationship with both the clients and business partners. With Kloudrac you can expect the same benefits, with comprehensive support throughout the project. Being an independent software provider, we are free from any jargon, hidden costs, and fine print.

Custom Development

Possessing the wealth of working knowledge, Kloudrac is experienced enough to provide a customized solution for a wide range of organizations with different industry verticals. Our solutions empower business owners and managers to grow their business by bringing them business insights to make better, clearer and more concise business decisions.

CRM Migration Services

Want to bring some enhancement in your existing CRM or want to end your old spread-sheet based system existing? Then Kloudrac is the best option that offers robust CRM solutions, tailored as per the unique business needs. Hire us to deploy the Zoho suite of on-demand productivity as well as collaboration applications.

Support & Training Development

Kloudrac is a global player that offers round-the-clock support. We are uniquely positioned to offer the most dedicated Zoho Support and product training. We almost cover every aspect of Zoho Implementation and Support for any business size. Our Zoho Consultants can help in System analysis and Requirement capture, Data Migration, Design and implementation, User Training, On-going Support, conversion services from other CRMs, and Integration with other existing systems.

About Us?

At Kloudrac, we dedicate day and night to improve the client’s efficiency and productivity by delivering cost-effective solutions. These solutions are offered by using off-the-shelf cloud-based software platforms while meeting the robust scalable solutions and complex IT solutions. We understand the significance of effort, time and commitment; thus we come forth with a distinguished approach to correspond the solutions accurately as per the needs.

  • Kloudrac allows process driven product implementation methodology where Kloudrac design, configure and deploy Zoho Solutions to meet the distinguished needs of client organizations. We follow a flexible and modular nature of approach that let Kloudrac delivering the final high-end solution.
  • Our process driven methodology helps us to identify functionalities in order to meet agreed specific requirements. Typically, our solutions are built on Zoho Creator, PHP or other equivalent modern platform-independent technologies.
  • Kloudrac works closely with the Zoho Development Team and the constantly growing platform which make us always ahead of the game as new features are introduced to the market.

Why choose Kloudrac?

Our Cole Values separate us from other IT Consulting Services:

Quality & Value

Kloudrac boasts to offer the most exceptional solution from start to finish, emphasizing on quality and value, with no exceptions. Our highly experienced and qualified team is distributed across the globe which allows us to offer you the most distinguished solution.


We work with multiple products and technologies that make us independent consultants. We recommend what our customer needs other than what we sell. If we think we don’t have a solution, we would happily recommend it to others.

Training is Key

To move the company forward, learning is the most important key. Hence we are ready to learn and offer training to assimilate the changes seamlessly.

Utmost Privacy & Safety

Working on Cloud necessitates information Security. Thus, each and every member of our team is trained enough on data protection. No matter if the organization is big or small, we are always ready to offer utmost data privacy and security.

Always carry alternatives

In case the client is facing difficulty to choose a particular software for the company, we are here to demystify the jargon and come forth with some facts and figure of at least two to three alternatives to make a perfect comparative study.

Technical Partner, not Vendor

As soon as we start the project, we become a partner and not just a technology vendor. We extend the best results in a stipulated period which make us trustworthy. Once that trust is built, we work side by side in order to help the customers to achieve their objective.


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