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Are You Ready to Transform Your Business? Yes, then Kloudrac Salesforce Implementation Services is one stop door to all your requirements. Kloudrac is a well-known Salesforce Consulting Company to understand that your Business is Incomparable. For the unending victory, your company’s CRM method must align with the Business Strategies, Goals, and Purpose. The CRM methods are an iterative procedure that includes implementing Apps and keep pace with the transforming requirements of your business. Fortunately, you don’t want to change the way you work together to fit Salesforce CRM Implementation. But You can change the CRM application to fit the way you work together.

Our Salesforce Architects support you in creating the right roadmap for your org to boost your Sales, Analytics, Marketing, Service, and numerous other business procedures. Kloudrac Balances Quality Salesforce CRM Consulting Time under your Budget. We have an Appetite for Client Fulfilment and are Devoted to Delivering Dependable Salesforce Implementation Services that exceed your Customer’s Expectations. Working with us, you get a trustworthy Salesforce Implementation Consultant with extensive expertise and branded Salesforce Implementation Solutions to speed up Growth and lower your Development Costs.

Our Best Salesforce CRM Implementation Services

As the #1 CRM platform in the world, Salesforce Implementation Consultant helps you expand your workforce efficiency as well as drive the highest customer visit. In order to make Salesforce Consultant work best for your business, Kloudrac provides end-to-end Salesforce Implementation Solutions.

Our expert can assist you with following:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • 3rd party plug-ins installation & configuration
  • Custom Plug-in development
  • Customization (custom development)
  • Integration with 3rd party tools
  • In/out data migration
  • L1/L2/L3 support
  • Reporting

An integration platform allowing the build and deployment of integration processes in hours!

Dell Boomi has appeared as a one-stop key for all types of Integration Requirements. It connects any combination of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), On-Premises or Cloud Applications with an easy do-it-yourself way. Kloudrac is a Dell Boomi Certified Salesforce Implementation Partners specialized in Enterprise-Grade solutions for all types of Integration needs. We work closely with Dell Boomi to deliver cost-effective Salesforce integration consultant solutions to achieve rapid Digital Transformation.

Quick trail to HubSpot setups. Boost your Inbound Marketing Schemes.

HubSpot and Salesforce are a powerful combination that is a bridge between your Sales Database and your Marketing Database, permitting Information and Activity to move flawlessly between both. Kloudrac is a Certified HubSpot Salesforce CRM Consulting services provider. We have been using HubSpot internally for about a year and have been stunned with the outcomes! And in the procedure, we have learned a lot about HubSpot Salesforce Integration.

Integrate Salesforce & Heroku the PaaS platform with Kloudrac

Heroku delivers (up to 5) free Personal App Websites for Developers and offers a simple way to carry GitHub Repositories to the Public Cloud. Heroku automatically scales Apps running on its platform. Heroku lets businesses of all sizes adopt the value of Apps, not the disruption of Hardware, nor the disruption of Servers. Use Heroku PAAS to develop Services and Apps without any Operational disturbance. Now with Heroku connect, Kloudrac, the best Salesforce Consulting Company can build seamless Apps on Salesforce Fast, Scalable and Simple.

Fast-Track Your Journey by Custom Salesforce Objects Integration with Jira

Extend the abilities of Salesforce and Jira with Kloudrac. The connector works with Custom and Standard Objects in Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. It has been designed to be well-suited with Jira On-Premises, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, and Jira Ops.

Kloudrac, the Salesforce Implementation Partners can assist you with the following:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Customization (custom development)
  • Integration with 3rd party tools
  • In/out data migration
  • L1/L2/L3 Support
  • Reporting
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Sprint Planning

Contract Lifecycle Management

Now that you have a new Intelligent Contract Management system, don’t let your old contracts gather dust. Get them into Apttus accurately and quickly with Apttus Intelligent Import, so you can manage renewals, address compliance needs and be ready for legal actions and other risks when they arise. Achieve faster ROI from your Contract Management Software with a proven Contract Migration Solution built in the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™.

Our Major Domains

We are a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner with a strong team that will provide the End-to-End Salesforce Implementation Consultant Solutions & Services.

Community Cloud

The best companies stand out because of their customer service. You can enhance customer service with Salesforce Community Cloud. Our Salesforce Independent Consultant makes it effortless to engage with the people who matter to your organization.

Sales Cloud

The future looks bright. Numbers are up, and the Sales Team is running on all cylinders. Truly, business is growing and revenues are headed up and to the right. At the same time, Salesforce Consulting Firms know there’s more opportunity just waiting. So, Automate your Sales Procedures from Capturing Data to Lead Management by connecting with Kloudrac, the renowned Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Quote to Cash

Send your revenue soaring to new heights by adding Salesforce CPQ to your Sales Team. It will automate quotes, manage pricing, and help close deals faster than you thought possible. Our Salesforce Consulting Professionals implement the Quote to Cash solution for you that addresses both back and front office shareholders to enable extended Profit Margins, increased ROI, and Regulatory Compliance.

Service Cloud

In today’s marketplace, companies struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors. Even when a company has one clear advantage, competitors can win over customers by providing them with outstanding customer service and customer experience. Therefore, Kloudrac’s Salesforce Independent Consultant offers a wide range of options and solutions, customized to individual models for joining the requirements of customer-centric services.

Marketing Cloud

Every company has an online presence. An up-to-date, responsive website is no longer enough to make your company stand out. Making a lasting impression, breaking from the pack of competitors, requires sending personalized, relevant messages to customers and prospects. As the best among other Salesforce Consulting Firms, we deliver more calculated support to the Sales Team & assist to close business more professionally using Cloud-Based Marketing Automation.

Salesforce Lightning

Use lightning components to build modern web apps!

Our Products

  • Custom Setup Audit Trail

    Standard Salesforce Audit Trail helps to track the data about the recent changes that the Users have made in the Salesforce org.

  • Bulk Field Creator

    Many at times we come across the scenarios that there’s a need to create multiple fields of different data types during the application development in Salesforce.

  • 360 PDF Print View

    A robust and customizable platform is paramount in order to ensure the efficacious growth of a business.

  • Record Ownership Transfer

    In Today’s business world, where there is a lot of Competition and Opportunity, the general trend seen is that people hop from one company to another.

  • Org Health App

    Org Health is implemented to check the org usability within the System. Every user has limitations within org depending upon the editions purchased.


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